Saturday, March 24, 2012

Indulge into Paintball Sports

I have a friend then who is into extreme sports. We, most of the time hang out together because like me, he is also from other place and was just renting a pad for work convenience. While i was busy with  my other companions, he on the other hand is having fun with his sports buddies and guess what, theyre into paintball competition. I find it amusing since there was a time where he really contacted a sewer who specializes on  Paintball Gear. I guess you are thinking of a camouflage and an army shirt, right? Then you guess it right man. They have those fantastic military uniforms with their headwear and paintball guns. I dont know how much it costs him but im pretty sure it was of double or triple figure depending on the brand and quality.

One fine morning, i was shocked when i found him nowhere to be found. I have an important matter to talk to him regarding some work stuff. I asked an officemate too if he saw my friend unfortunately he didnt. After few hours of waiting, i found my phone ringing and he told me if i wanted to watch their competition at the nearby place.I hurriedly said yes because i was curious too of their gear and the competition itself. I dont have idea at all how the paintball sports work but when i finally learn how those guys compete and exchange tricks with one another, i find watching their competition amusing and exciting. For once, you would probably ask if the bullet/capsules theyre using is highly dangeours. Well to tell you, it isnt because it is made of water soluble dye and the main goal of each team is to terminate each opponent by tagging their gun. Its really fun watching such kind of extreme sports and in fact i would recommend it to my brother.

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