Thursday, July 18, 2013

A Day to a Spa Is Not Extravagant

Yesterday, i read from a friend's status message that she spent the day on a Spa. Upon reading that, immediately felt amazed, we all knew how pricey the packages are in Spa, it takes an extra budget for me to be able to have my body pampered at such establishment.

Thus, my further readings tells me that a day at the Spa is not actually a luxury. Trust me, it has countless benefits than how you expect things to be. First off, i knew it makes you feel refresh as the Spa experience offers to "De-Stress" you. It's not actually too much to pamper yourself, right? Also, they say that going into spa gives you mental benefits and lose weight. I am really impressed of the benefits of attending a spa session which made me think that it's actually needed to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

On a more personal note, just yesterday, my back was aching badly and that the migraine hits me. I was at the city and it was too tiring for me especially when you walked with no umbrella. The moment i arrived home, i felt a sudden difference on my back and i took a nap immediately. Gladly, my brother was there who knew about massaging so i let him do some massage first at the back of my neck and at my body back too. I think i was stressed because of a lot of errands i deal with this week and of course beating my online obligations.

That point, getting a spa experience actually lingers on my thought. I used to that and honestly the experience is really good. I just think everyone needs a good pamper, right? Also, aside from regular massaging and other spa services, i came to realize that there are also spa for beauty addicts. I came across a site called MedSpa and i am honestly amazed of the beauty packages that they offer. Quite a nice idea for pampering. What about getting a massage first then heading to a lose weight session or laser hair removal? nice option indeed!! 

If you feel you are interested for such regimen then visit Im sure you feel ecstatic to the different beauty packages that they offer.

Be You - Be Beautiful

Self confidence is your greatest arm for beauty's sake. Trust me, there's no best beauty tip than to feel good about yourself. Eye creams, make ups and all those beauty loots are just temporary when you wash it with soap and water, your bare face is what will be seen in the mirror.

No point, in making yourself glamorous when deep inside you feel not good. Beauty starts from within and as they say....

Happy Thursday Everyone!!!!