Wednesday, May 5, 2010


I would like tp personally camapign for Atty. Gwendolyn Pimentel, I upholds her ideals and platforms which indeed truelly salute her for being one of my personal favorite.
not only on her advocacy on child welfare but more so on her qualifications, her moral standards and above all she has the heart in protecting all women who are abused and who needs help and attention. Her Father is known to have a good reputation and even became the most trusted senator and senate president eventually. Id like that someone with a good reputation like Atty. Pimentel will be one of our legislator in the upper house so as to retain the good name and more and more good people will be retained in that few seats which i knew lots are allocated to people who even dont know the meaning of their position. I hope ull support me guys in voting for Atty. PImentel.


After the news came out of the wrong computation of the PCOS at the etsting center, these FLash Cards were the object of attention of everyone. THe Smartmatic team were pinpointing these falsh cards to have had a wrong instructions and that it causes the wrong casting of votes. To those who are not familiar about these things, like me, i ought to search these on the net so that i would fully understand what theyre talking about.


I guess its not only me but whole FIlipino people are in doubt and some even feared of failure of elections because of the last hour problem that ignite after these PCOS machines were tested. I am not saying that the body is not that prepared, its just that we are all saddened why these problems were not seen or forecasted knowing that theyre IT experts and the best of the best in the IT industry. The question was, how come the local results were not configured while the national were totally configured? DOES that mean that when they tested these machines with the ballots they did not see the local results? or did they just mislook these things? BUT you know the sad part is that, they have all the time to prepare for these elections, they have all the time to configure all these compact flash cards? BUT WHY JUST NOW? coundlt help but ASK?