Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Seriously ill

A neighbor so close to the family is really so ill, at first she been admitted to the hospital and theyve thought it was just an asthma attack, however after the lab tests was done, it was found out that she has alreday an acute respiratory infection. I feel pity for her children coz i knew theyre also not that well off, even for the medicines or milk, they couldnt even afford to sustan the medication for her. And just the other month her granddaughter just died because of respiratory infection. The baby was just a few months old when she encountered a battle of life. It was really terrifying especially when i saw the dead baby. I feel sorry for the family about these tragic events. Hopefully things will be better in the coming days.


While we were chatting with my honey pie, the connection suddendly came its way of interrupting us, the comp was shut down and it didnt work well for a few minutes, i dont know what happened but i am really so pissed. Imagine it was the first time we talked for a few days because of our busy sheds and of course our time difference. Ohhh my, i am freaking out, i missed him so much, babe if you read this, please know what happened, i try to get online and change comp but your not there anymore, i dont know what happened. I love u baby, sorry for everything..

Get Verified

Most probably to all my blogger friends out there who are on monetizing their blog you will agree with me that verifying your account at paypal is probably one of the few hard and complicated things to do as blogger. Many are still confused how they can transfer their earning from paypal to their local bank accounts, and i was not an exemption to that. All the while i was really in deep though at to how i will transfer my earnings to my local account without applying an eon card, to those who dont know what is ean, EON card is actually an internet cyber card, its like a debit card wherein its the most popular card in the country to those who have cyber accounts. Before i use to believe this is the only means i cant get my money at paypal. But hey guys i was wrong, ive been into deep reading and research into some useful information especially on some blogger friends out there. But thanks i get myself familiar with the FAQ of paypal, it does helps.
To those who have a local account their, u dont need to worry anymore or apply for an eon card eaither. Just add your account at paypal and follow the information needed. Its very helpful that u have to read the FAQ of paypal to make yourself updated and familiar. Dont rely on what you read on the net coz some things doesnt apply in your case, like mine. When all those i was worried in getting postal id or valid ids for my eon card, i was suddenly shocked when i checked my account and been surprised by the notice:that i just need to confirm my account and that paypal will just sends two small deposits and after which i will just check it in my bank statement and log in again to paypal and enter the amount to complete the verification process.
To sum up, heres what your need:

1. Add bank account - Add your bank account to your PayPal account
2. Paypal sends 2 small deposits - Start process to confirm bank account and get verified
3. Confirm bank account - check your statement for verification process
See guys, its not that complicated than what i used to believe before, just a matter of familiarizing ourself. Now we can enjoy blogging and earning. Ciao