Wednesday, January 23, 2013

AHAVA Essential Day Moisturizer : An Oil-Free and Clean Finish

I must admit i am maintaining few beauty loots in my kit to make sure i look fresh and clean. If you can afford to buy those beauty products and want to have those refreshing face then it's time to carefully pick a product suited for your face needs. It was never easy to finally settle with the brand i am loving as of this moment but for ten years that i am a loyal customer, the figure is a nice proof that i am well-satisfied customer. In fact, from facial wash, to creams and to anti-aging formulas, i have them all in my cabinet. I have a day cream and a nigh cream and well if i am not tired to do my beauty regimen then i can say that this brand dominates my beauty loots inventory.

Nevertheless, the prestige brand in skin care that i am currently keeping has no moisturizer product that is why i have to look for other brands for this. Thus, the moisturizer brand that i picked gave me few reasons not to apply it everyday. First, its kinda greasy and gives my face totally oily upon application. If i missed doing my cream then i would choose to apply for a moisturizer just to make sure i have a base finish before applying a powder. As i was saying, i was kinda hesitant to maintain or use this day moisturizer because of its not so good formula. Until, i was given the chance to avail of free loot courtesy of Ahava Philippines.

I need to try the product first before i will share my verdict here. Don't you think its unfair to share to my readers about a product when i haven't try it myself, so i had a few applications of the product and here's my personal experience.

This is the first time i heard of the product so it's not easy to just try it on my face without doing my fair share of research. My reading tells me that this is a US based brand.and what made me want to try this is it's credible feedback like:
Self Healthy Beauty Award 2010
Category: Best All-Around Facial Moisturizer

This rapidly absorbing moisturizer drenches the skin with natural long-lasting hydration boosting the skin’s Natural Moisturizing Factor (NMF) enabling your skin to achieve a smoother, firmer and younger-looking state. Protects your face from environmental damage. Ideal as a makeup base.

Approved for sensitive skin. Hypoallergenic. Dermatologically tested. Paraben free.
So without any ado, i tried it and here's how it goes..

It has non-greasy formula. I love how it's fine scented and works perfectly upon application. I can feel that it immediately hydrate my face and stays moisturized all day. You can't go wrong as it gives you a soft feeling and i felt like the formula penetrates on my face perfectly.

Ahava is available already in the Philippines so get it at your favorite beauty store and experience hydration like no brand can do that yet. That's a promise!!