Thursday, August 2, 2012


They call it "rebranding" so the admin staff asked for a little consideration for their late payments.Thus, i believe the consideration had been abused since my pending payments for them had been idle and still from last year transactions., I've been exchanging few messages with fellow bloggers and LOUDLAUNCH still owed them a significant amount. How could the re branding  works if there are still rants and grievances from the people who are instrumental for their success.

There are countless times that i send them an email reminding them to settle previous payment but still i always hear promises and unending consideration. Now thy launch a new site and i don't think bloggers will trust on them this time.Well, i remember Angela forwarded me this payment update:

We will continue to provide you with the payments owed to you, as we quickly as we can. However, posts you write from now on, in the new system, will be paid right away within the same month. We believe providing you with the new payments along with the outstanding payments is the most efficient way to get everyone caught up with all outstanding funds.

So, they will be paying instantly, bloggers who were able to make it in their new system and whose posts were approved. Isn't it unfair? When they have benefited a lot from the old bloggers in the system. I think its more proper to make the rebranding focused on settling their payment issues coz that's how it all centered. Bloggers will spread the good news and the site would certainly gain its much needed credibility and integrity. I don't think the site will work significantly if without the help of the site admins all around the globe. In other words, they should take good care of the bloggers. No matter how boring the site if they pay consistently then they will make it in the top list of blogger's choice.

They call it a "Relaunch" and "Rebranding so its just right to rebrand their credibility to the bloggers community :)