Monday, November 21, 2011

What About Used MRI Equipment?

I never thought the essential role of medical equipments until a cousin was confined to the hospital because of accident. He was driving his motorcycle when an untoward incident happened. It was i guess the saddest part of our family journey. He stayed at the ICU for like a week because it came out that there was an internal hemorrage inside his brain. It was never easy for the family to decide if the cousin would undergo a brain operation not to mention the cost and the small percentage of survival because the equipment in the country is not that technologically high tech. It came to the familys' knowledge that the local hospital has no succesful case yet of brain operation. The doctor who specializes for the brain is indeed hard to find and most likely they resides in the big city because most of the patients go to the latter for check up.

WE learned that the local hospital has no MRI equipment yet. I wish they have even a used mri equipment to address immediate needs but sadly at that time they cant afford to have the equipment in the hospital. When i learned on the net about used ct equipment and used pet ct, what immediately came into my mind is the urge to share the link, I knew it would be a big help especially for patients who cant afford to have their check up at the highly urbanised city.

Whats with Monday?

I knew Christmas is in the air but i still cant feel it because i feel so alone. I missed my sister terribly and to eat my time i just read and reread my recent and past mags collections. I became a constant visitor of a neighbor too because of too much boredom but if im in the mood to stay in my room, im playing cityville and solitaire to death. Ohh well, the monday is over. Well, we dont have office until thursday because there's still a convention at Manila.The rest of our agents has still work but gladly we were advised to be off.

On the other hand, the neighbor is already on labor. I pity her much because i knew the pain she is presently bearing but then she has no one to ask help to. My hubby and I promised to share but it was just a bad timing because my partner is on travel. For some glitters, i already had my gown today and it fitted well on me. Hope to have my sandals before wednesday.