Saturday, April 16, 2011

Be Grateful

Bo Sanches is never tired of telling us that always and almost we should be grateful for all the blessings that we have acquired each day. Even just the gift of life is enough reason to be happy, to be lively and to be inspired. Live each day as if its your last.

Weekend for me means...... my room, having my nails cleaned, movie marathon, and bonding with my nephews. I started my day by fixing my messy room and doing some household chores which i seldom does whenever i have work. I also arranged my bags, shoes and my wardrobe so that i could have a presentable room. Thank God i have done all those arrangements before lunch time. After which i asked someone to do the manicure and pedi stuff since in just few days we will be commemorating the Holy Week. I need to schedule the things i wanted to do before i cram on the day where i need it the most. Anyway, i have a great weekend, hopefully yours too.