Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Im done with the ten product reviews, i still have pending to do. I think i cant breath anymore because my brain is so drained. Thank God i had the energy and im in the mood to write or else i will lose those huge bucks. Hayst, what motivates me now is the thought that i can buy good things next month. Im motivating myself the things i can buy in just a day of stress and sweat. Earning online is so good because it pays you so well. In my case, in just a span of days im hitting a hundred dollar and if i am in the mood can do plenty of reviews, i can possibly hit more of that. Anyway, i am just making this post to while away my concentration. I cant think of a good introduction now as im used all my words on those reviews. Money is so hard to earn, right bloggers? But its so rewarding. Okey need to finish those fishes. Bye for now guys.

Mu Hubby is Cooking

Few minutes ago, my hubby called up to check on me while we were talking he forgot that he was cooking.hahahha. then suddenly, he realized that he was cooking something and too bad it was already overcooked because we had a great time talking. I couldn't help but smile on those petty things because i knew he cant last a day without talking to me countless times. He was asking again my whereabouts and maybe all sort of stuff that i will do for the entire day. Don't worry guys, he's not possessive, its all because of love.

Yay, I've been wishing for this day to come and i realized it was a fair bargain.

Early Bird Catches Worm

Woot..Whats with this day? I've thought that i will not have online tasks today but i was so wrong because I've been blessed to catch not only one, two or three? Its more than the count of my fingers. I'm really so lucky..Yehey. But i don't know how to finish all these, i do hope that will have an extra energy to do everything that is assigned to me. This site is indeed so good to me and i guess i don't have reasons to complain with everything that God is pouring on me. I love God, thanks for everything..Anyway, do have a great day guys.