Tuesday, September 13, 2011

My Mahal's Sweet Meme

Having a man you can always resort to be it just a petty nonsense stuff or a serious talk is just one of the most memorable thing a woman could ever experienced. I mean, not all man and partners are partners and so as the fact that not all lovers cares. With this note, im proud to say that ive found an extra extra caring person that i could find anywhere in this world. Just like normal lovers we also have moments of quarrels and we get pissed too like what happened last night. It was just a simple conversations that ends up with serious arguments but as always we fixed it before each of us is hurt. I told him about some stuff that bothers me and he is so sweet to assure me that he is always behind me in everything that we do. Also, he assures me that he will always care for my family and protect us all the time. I was really touched that way he cares for me and for my family. With all honesty, he really does helped us in all aspects whether its about finances or advice. Im really precious to the eyes of God for having given me a man who loved me unconditionally. He had me at my worst yet he loves me at his best. What more can i ask?

Party Stuff

I just arrived from buying some party stuff for my birthday. We roamed around the mall too and bought few personal stuff. Once again, i found a nice blouse which was over fantastic. I bought it without hesitation though it was pricey as it belongs to a recognizable brand. Anyway, i am already tired in preparing for my birthday bash. I promised its just going to be a family affair but i cant help but invite some good friens. Good thing, i have a great hubby who always supports me anything i want. Well, before i forget. We met with some collegues because they were having a meeting at the coffee shop at the groud floor of the mall. When i was about at the entrance of the establishment, they called my attention and the meeting was quite. Lots of chitchats and catching up each others lives. I missed my collegues before though most of the pioneer where already at their respective home place. Its nice seeing them and i really missed bonding with them. For your info guys, i use to be with them even though im the only girl. Back then we will have group outings, drinking session and most of the time eating outside. How i missed those times. But of course im happy to say that im at my happiest state. God has put things to where i should be. To God be the glory always. I love you God.