Wednesday, December 1, 2010

The Game of Chance

These past few days, medias were all crazy waiting for the 6 number combination for the 6/55 lotto. And who woundt? when the pot money was neary half a billion pesos. Who woundt want to win such big money instantly. Even businessmen and professionals were all in a hurry to the station for their bet.Of course its the game of chance nonetheless we are all taking chances, praying that maybe its our lucky day and hit the six lucky digits. And fortunately, it was won by one person who bet somewhere in Luzon and they are all speculating that maybe it was one of the SBMA employee but until now it was not yet claimed by the lucky man/woman. I was thinkin if i won those amount, how will i spent it and maybe it will just be a headache coz it will just cause future problems that will surely arise. We were talking during dinner time about the said news when my father joined our conversations and as he quote, its still valuable to spend the money you worked for and you sweat for. Coz its the sweetest reward you can ever get. And as he adviced us, its good to dream of luxury but having simple life is still the best choice especially if you have a great family. I agree and none can supercedes with that.