Thursday, February 12, 2009

My Lovelife ABC

This is my pre-valentine post since Valentines day just comes once a year, this would be my avenue to open up my secrets especially in my love life. Well, to note, i just had 3 serious relationship and maybe more flings,hehehhe. My first relationship was on my first year on my company, we were on the same company but different branch. He was my first love, my first heartbroken and all the firsts. After our break-up, i have been into short term relationship or they so called flings, perhaps because it wasnt indeed too easy to move on, to be healed. Until i met my man on the net thru a dating site called Cherry Blossom, he is from Bahrain and he was the one who healed up the wounds, he was the one who fill in the emptiness, he was the man who have taught me the real meaning of love - of unconditional love. hence, our relationship was really tested due to distance and the gap. last year i involved into a relationship to a man whom ive thought had loved me, but eventually after quite a month, i have found out that he's just not serious and sadly he had been commited to others aside from me, nevertheless after that love battle again, i choose to go back to the one person i knew who is always there for me, back to where i belong. And now despite everything that had happened to us, we will be turning 3 years this february. He is divorced and has children but then his status doesnt bothered me at all, because i knew how he loves me, and how he cares for me. I am proud to share that even if my lalabs is not here for me, but i can feel his love everyday. This valentines wouldnt be complete without him in my life. And looking forward for more years with him.