Friday, September 30, 2011

Random Thoughts

I am excited for Saturday. I still don't have plans of going somewhere else but i am just planning to bond with some friends. I would love to buy the bag that i am eyeing but then since i am scheduled for a trip probably next week then i guess i will just buy it at the nearest town. Hopefully my sister will go with me for a movie date. Its been quite sometime since we go out to watch movie. Most of the time we will roam around and shop for some personal stuff and seldom we agree to watch some movie. Just the other day, i mentioned to her that i love the movie that will be showing soon at the mall and she said that she loves it too. Tomorrow is our only time to bond so i might just take advantage of it. Its pay day guys so im sure people will flocked at the mall. Wise spending always.

Anyway, my honey phoned me in so early but i really love it. Let me share with you my sms message to him last night which made his heart melt:

I love you because..

You are my strength when i am weak..
You are my pain reliever when i am hurt..
You are my pillow when i am tired
You are my shadow when i am alone...

After such, he called up immediately and i knew how much he was touched with the message. Oh, im getting so senti now but i wish you know guys how much I'm happy to be with the man who just don't love you but protect and care every inch of you.

How to Win on Pokies

Honestly speaking, i haven't tried playing casino online nor betting up at poker play. A friend told me once that she has an amazing experience playing such game at Casino Halls and she even recommends me to visit the place if i have time. Another good friend who fortunately married a business tycoon in Australia is now a poker addict. She confessed that she can even played the game the entire day and stay even at wee hours. Such cases made me wonder whats with the game and what is the excitement the game brings on to a player. I admit each one of us has its own fair share of vices and sometimes we do have plays and games we are hooked on and if ever i will have spare time i will surely browse some relevant tips how to win on pokies. I would love to experience the fun and the thrill on such games. Of course, i don't want to be left out by some friends and i find it extra fun to encounter win on pokies.