Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Pan American Cruise liner

I was browsing the net recently and i was able to read about employment oppurtunity at pan american cruise, a luxury cruise liner, they have post job hiring at filipino express online.i am really curious about that thing so i emailed to the address given about the said hiring.

today they emailed me back and they send to me an employment kit to be accomplished and i was given 60 days to mail the said kit with a fee of 31 dollars. i am now busy researching about the company and all related information.hopefully i could get relevant data about this.

hope you could pray for me, for the success of this new endeavor.

a new taste of chicken

our company is in to new venture now, we started a rotesserie venture all over the country, just for a change, we are using a state of the art rotesserie cart wherein our main goal is to offer to our customers an oven-fresh, delicious, tasty and affordable chicken.
our price for this is only 129 pesos, its that cheap, at that price you can have a ready to serve and tasty roasted chicken, what made it different from the rest, is that the chicken cooked from this cart is really clean, whereas if you buy it in a typical or sidewalked sellers, you can really see that the chicken somewhat overcooked and somehow its quite dirty,

this is already availavle nationwide and in selected supermarkets..