Saturday, July 7, 2012

Checking Out!!!

Ohh folks, its a rainy saturday yet the weather is just ideal for me. Its not that hot unlike before. Anyway, im dorpping by since i forgot to buy some med for my father and he badly needs it today. I figured, its been quite a while since i last post an update here, well im again dropping some lines and thank God i can just give some personal updates no matter how nonsense it is. Anyway, like i said i just picked up some grocery today since i run out of budget. Although, my hubby sent me a weekly allowance, there are times that he sent few times in a week especially if i have unexpected expenses. He checked on before he went to sleep if i get some groceries and when he finally found out that i was at the city he was satisfied. Hayst, i pity's my honey's pocket for fixing most of the things for us. Yet, im just thankful that i have that kind of partner. Well, trust is built once you have surpassed mountains of love tests and perhaps only one common rule applies, he knew from the very day we met that i will never betrayed him and thus, i can say i earn his trust.

More than anything else, i knew that i am protected and love by a man who isnt just a shadow but a man of honor. That simply made a huge difference :)