Monday, June 29, 2009

Kasadyaan Festival

Today marks the feast Sr. Sto Nino which is commemorated at Tacloban City together with the celebration of their annual fiesta. Various presentation were held for the said event. Including Ms. Tacloban on which Mr. gabby Conception serenaded the contestants, Today before i leave for Ormoc, the famous Sangyaw festival were already starting, There were presentors from Manila and other places just came all along from their respective place to showcase their talents and festivities, indeed Filipinos are rich with culture and heritage.

On Pest Control Website

When we did our renovation just late last year, ive thought that it will also prevent from ants and cockroaches to fleas and bedbugs, mind you they posses a real threat and it also destroys your house gradually. But basically, you can control the birth of such pests by keeping your house clean all the times, making sure that all holes will be properly treated cause it might be the start of a drastic scenarion, they might use it as their home and propably their bedbugs.
Anyway, if you really want to control such pests or if you have then now already, to exterminate probably, then you have to consider checking Chicago Pest Control , this Chicago pest control service guarantees you of getting rid the pests of your home. Less hassle, less worry, you just have to sit pretty and let thsi pest control service do it for u. They specialize in termite removal,flea control, ant control, bee control, squirel control and all kinds of pests.
Undecided yet? well you have to visit their site above for other quiries, for a pest control home, trust you home to Chicago Pest Control.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Auto Approved Post

MIght share this happy moments, after i worked for a home theater post, i was able to received a notification for an automatic approval from PPP, it really surprised me, i couldnt believe they will give me such credits, anyway heres the notification:
"Congratulations!! Your PayPerPost post, On Home Theaters, has been automatically approved based on your high quality performance as a PPP Postie!"

Isnt it great? well i have more reasons to have a great sleep tonight, hehehhe

On Home Theaters

Just last December my family decided to buy the latest home theater package which was already designed for home theater system, in other words if your fond of going to a movie then with the latest trend on home audio, you can now stay at your home and watch your favorite movie with the same ambiance, same sounds and perfectly just the same in the movie audio. You might be puzzled, right? But heres the great news, this home theater edition is now available at any appliance store, this state of the art technology is designed perfectly just for home movie addicts. BUt of course, it wouldnt be perfectly fixed if you will just depend on your houselhold keepers for its installing and fixing, you have to be sensitive enough in choosing and considering a professional home theater company to fix for the speakers, wiring and cables, to name a few.
If youre at Houston, then probably theres no reason why you cant have a perfect movie house scenarion at home, yes of course, because there is a professional home theater company that will fix all those stuff for a perfect set-up on your home theater audio.Houston Home Theater, is an affordable and high quality service company which cater on installing your home theater system. If you want to make the most of your investment then you have to consider professional people that would touch your system, i believe its not that easy to install such home theater system, coz first you have to consider the space, where is the perfect space at your home where you can put such system, without disturbing your other household, in other words part of the professional touch of houston home theater company is choosing the appropriate room or space. Second Pallning your system, that of course tackles on the set-up of the entire system, as to where you put your speakers, the cables and other related stuff. See? its really so complicated, and to address that complications Houston Home Theater Company is the answer to your home theater needs. Visit their site now.

Today's Update

Ive been making this post at an internet cafe, i am just tired doing my usual posts at the office, and also theyre too busy there that why i have to be at the cafe just to do my usual reports and pending works. I also search jobs abroad coz i am interested in working outside of my country, perhaps for a change. After this i might go to my tds for updates and back to the office. How are you doin guys, today?

Tuesday, June 23, 2009


This are all brand new, genuine and leather type, prices are available upon request.

Bags For Sale

Here are some bags that are on sales: at reasonable price....
This Bags are all brand new and was purchased abroad, prices are availbale upon request, just leave a comment to those who are interested to buy, there are variety of items that are available, ill give the details soon.

A Special Tribute to Tatay

" Any fool can be a father but it only takes a real man to be a daddy"
I was raised into a family of a good provider, i belong to a brood of four with a father that is really a disciplininarian, when i was still a kid i used to have fear with the man whom i just use to see face to face during dinner time, when this man arrives about 6 pm in our house, we were like armies who behaves so well and were so afraid to commit mistakes,whatever he says must be followed, whatever his directions we must obey, That household rules stick on our mind, and even until now. But nonetheless, not until i was on my college days when i consider this strict man as the greatest man ever existed. It was not until i was matured enough to realize how we were so lucky to have him as our father and to have him as our provider. I couldnt find enough word and right adjective to best describe as to how he is as a person and as a parent. Just to name a few, i could still remember one time during my college days, even though we knew that i couldnt buy some books because we dont have money to buy one, but then whenever i would ask my father about such requirements, he would just escape his meal so that he could save it for my book. I never realized such things not until his co-workers would tell us what hes been doin. The first time he told us about that, i cried in tears because i never could believe it first how lucky we are to have him.
My tatay is an engineer by profession but then they say hes like a "tambay" because he usually dont wear decent clothes, he is actually working now at a certain service center for cars, he usually has lots of stains in his clothes, no shoes and sometimes wear dirty pants, but neverthless no matter what he wears now and will wear, he would always be my tatay that i could not trade in even with richest father in the world.
Happy Fathers Day to all Tatay, Papa's and Daddy's in the world, indeed it only takes a real man to become a great father, may you all be blessed,

Storm Signal No. 1

I actually woke up past 11 in the morning today with the cold breeze touching my skin, i wonder why its so cold and the air i felt seems different, no wonder as i heared it from the radio. WE are actually facing storm signal no. 1 today and rain was pouring so hard really the entire day, i was planning to buy umbrella but to no avail because of the rain.haayst hope this will end soon.

Monday, June 22, 2009

On Multiplayer Games

In this era of new technology, seldom you can see our young boys and girls playing the usual street games, or indulge on cheese of in tennis, its very rare, indeed. Because almost all are internet savvy, most people are very dependent to the internet, they use it to purchase online, pay bills and other relevant tasks which we usually do outside before, nevertheless among to mention of the things our childeon love on internet is of course the invention of miltiplayer games, as its name tells, its actually an online game played by several players, the player might be inependent opponents or be just a single team against the game. There are lots of multiplayer games in the internet that is very popular especially to the young one, and among the best site i knew that host this online games is , this is where we hang out with my friends during our break time, it is so fast that is why we love playing and enjoying every second of the play.

Visit multiplayer games, and enjoy the best online multiplayer game site that offers fast service.

On Web Hosting

When i usually do my blog hopping, most of the posts of my friends are on web hosting, some are quite informative but most of them are exaggerated reviews. Of course, there are lots of web hosting company that will offer you excellent service and all those promises but then when you avail of the service you will just be disappointed for the fact that they are not in fact a good provider, Finding the right web hosting is so critical cause it is the key to the success of your online business. Thus searching for the right company to cater all your needs on your online stuff is as difficult as finding the right job. There are a lot of factors of course to consider, you have to weigh your thoughts as to where company offers the best in overseas online stuff, if your in search for overseas server for example. Second factor that is essential is the price, is your web hosting provider so expensive but then has poor service? Well, to help you out on web hosting dilemma, why don't you visit, webhosting
Web Hosting geeks is the right site if your looking for the best web hosting provider, theyre a great help especially for a newbie on online stuff, There site offers a wide array of selection of different web hosting company with their corresponding services and helps you out to come up with the best decisions in choosing the appropriate provider for your site.
To know more about this web hosting provider, you can gain details and further queries on their blog. What are you waiting for, check out the site.

Happy Monday

Hows your monday folks? hayys as for me i am so tired and exhausted, but im thankful as well because we have celebrated my lola's anniversary as expected. There were plenty of guests and our friends and relatives were also present. Yesterday was Father's Day, and i greeted my father, thank God we were complete at that special day.To one and all a very blessed day!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Swine Flu hit our place

Update guys, news break really scares people in my place, imagine it was confirmed by health authority that theres really a confirmed case of H1N1 case, Authorities identified two people positive of the said influenza virus. But details of the said news was not yet given by the Department of Health at the region. My friend also texted me this morning that classes were suspended at the National High School in our town because of the said pandemic. It really scares me, scares us because i knew its not just an ordinary flu like what before. Hopefully, all will be fine and be cautios of the said pandemic.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Hows your Evening?

Hows your evening so far guys? are u still awake or asleep already, as for me i am still infront of my pc, searching the net for interesting stuff to read, im a bit lazy to update my blog but have no choice but to do so because i still have to edit my post at PPP. This coming thursday and friday ill be off because its the 1st death anniversary of my grandmom, we prepared something at the house that is why i have to be there. I still have lots of pending works at the office, we have lots of visitors this week so im running out of time. The goodnews, i will not anymore be that tired for my sales report because my boss adviced me to just submit it at 6 am in the morning, not: usually i submit right after dispatching, our time for loading is usually between 2 - 3 am in the morning.

Monday, June 15, 2009

On Furnitures

If money wasnt an object, what type of furniture will you put at your respective homes? maybe or maybe not youll think or the modern and facshionable elegant sofas just to be at the trend or maybe youll think of making your home something old-fashioned, putting native crafts and rustic furnitures. Well, whatever your taste in making your home comfortable and elegant, there is one bottomline if choosing the right and appropriate furnitures at home, you have to consider the design and of course durability of the item. If you really want to buy furniture at home, why dont you consider rustic furniture, nice craft exclusively designed for you. It simply gives your home a different picture, something native but beautifully in place. rustic furniture, gives you a variety of choices over wood furnitures, from barnwood furnitures, pation, rustic lighting and other beautifully crafted bedroom set and country home decor.

Rants and everything

I dont know how to start this post, all im just thinking is just i have lots of things to share, let me start, i actually went home early last friday since we dont have office for the commemoration of our Independence day, while last saturday we bond at the nely opened mall - Robinsons place Tacloban. I hurriedly went back to Ormoc last sunday afternoon because there was a problem on our plant, that is why i took an overtime last night. I was able to go home past 4 am this morning. Of course my eyebags and my tired body was almost ready to give, but then i had no choice but to attend our operations meeting this afternoon. It was really so dramatic, exciting and a bit full of tensions, my collegues whom we had some sort of gap was able to air out his grievances against my department, in return i prepared a memo for him and a corresponding exception report, it turned out that my boss got mad to him because of his negligence and irresponsiblity. I am not actually into truning people's life into misery its just that he needs a lesson and for him to realize his wrongs, he nees disciplinary measure, right?

Friday, June 12, 2009

Independence day

Today marks the celebration of 111th Independence Day. Its actually observed as a National Holiday in honor of the proclamation of Philippine Independence last June 12, 1898 where Filipino revolutionary forces was able to gain indepence and sovereignity of the Philippine island under the colonial rule of Spain. after the battle which the latter was defeated at the Battle of Manila Bay and Spanish - American war.
However, the recognized freedom and independence which was later on recognized by the American government was formally acknowledged on July 4 1946.
Now you know!!!!
Happy Independence to one and all and Mabuhay!!!!

Our National Flag: what is signifies?

The national flag of the Philippines is a horizontal bicolor with equal bands of blue and red, and with a white equilateral triangle based at the hoist side; in the center of the triangle is a golden yellow sun with eight primary rays, each containing three individual rays; and at each corner of the triangle is a five-pointed golden yellow star. The flag is displayed with the blue field on top in times of peace, and with the red field on top in times of war.
The Philippine flag was first conceptualized by General Emilio Aguinaldo in 1897 during his exile in Hong Kong, drawing inspiration from the flags used by the Katipunan and the Cuban revolutionaries. The first flag was sewn by Marcela Agoncillo, her daughter Lorenza, and Doña Delfina Herbosa de Natividad, niece of José Rizal, the Philippines' national hero. Act 1696, known as the Flag Law, was passed on September 6, 1907. This law proscribed the Philippine flag and banned the use of the Philippine national anthem. In 1919, Senator Rafael Palma sponsored the Senate Bill No. 1, a bill repealing the Flag Law of 1907 following Gov. Gen. Francis Harrison’s recommendation that the law should be repealed since the distrust between the Filipinos and the Americans no longer exists.[1] On 24 October 1919, Act No. 2871 was approved and signed by Gen. Harrison; thus, the Flag Law of 1907 was repealed.[1] The use of the National Flag and other Heraldic Items of the Philippines is regulated by the National Historical Institute by mandate of Act 8491.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Just Had Dinner

I just finished taking my dinner, i was invited by a client to eat outside, we end eating at a fine dining restaurant, seafoods as usual was the menu and a variety of filipino dishes. I was so full but our business partner insisted to order fresh pineapple, it was great, so fresh. Anyway, he on his way now to Cebu, he catched the last trip. How about you guys, did u take your dinner already?

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Is this True?

She is the fattest person in the world according to Guinness,hmmm cant believe it?

Biggest Burger in the World

A Pennsylvania restaurant has beaten its record for the world's biggest burger with a whopping 15-pounder. Denny's Beer Barrel Pub, in Clearfield, Pennsylvania, already had the title with a 6lb burger.But owners thought a 15-pound burger would prove an even bigger attraction, reports the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.Diners who can finish the $35 burger in under five hours win $200, a T-shirt and have their name posted on the pub's wall of fame. They also get the burger for free."Every restaurant needs a gimmick - ours is big burgers," said Dennis Liegey III, son of the restaurant's owner.Visitors come from as far away as Australia and California just to see the 6-pounders and try to eat them.The new burger, dubbed the Beer Barrel Belly Buster, is as big around as the inside of a car tyre. It comes with a cup and half each of mayonnaise, mustard and ketchup, a head of lettuce, two onions, three tomatoes and 25 slices of cheese.

Price War

Presently all integrators are experiencing price war, hence no integrators cooperate with one another, that is why we are quite having hard time penetrate the market. By tomorrow i am considering to visit and check the market so as to know personally the status in pricing. I am a bit disappointed to this leading poultry company, theyre not cooperating but when they ask for favor, theyre very persistent. Anyway i hope i would succeed by tomorrow in looking for live buyers in my area.

Pain of a Married Man

Heres a story i want to share to all of you, it made me smile...

"A woman awakes during the night to find that her husband was not in bed. She goes downstairs to look for him. She finds him sitting at the kitchen table with a cup of coffee in front of him. He appears to be in deep thought, just staring at the wall. She watches as he wipes a tear from his eye and takes a sip of his coffee. "What's the matter, dear?" she whispers as she steps into the room. "Why are you down here at this time of night?" The husband looks up from his coffee, "Do you remember 20 years ago when we were dating, and you were only 18?" he asks solemnly. "Yes I do" she replies. The husband pauses; the words were not coming easily. "Do you remember when your father caught us in the garden?" "Yes, I remember" said the wife, lowering herself into a chair beside him. The husband continued.. "Do you remember when he showed the shotgun in my face and said, 'Either you marry my daughter, or I'll send you to jail for 20 years?" "I remember that too" she replied softly. He wiped another tear from his cheek and said, "I would have been released today"

Pain of a Married Man

Heres a story i want to share to all of you, it made me smile...

"A woman awakes during the night to find that her husband was not in bed. She goes downstairs to look for him. She finds him sitting at the kitchen table with a cup of coffee in front of him. He appears to be in deep thought, just staring at the wall. She watches as he wipes a tear from his eye and takes a sip of his coffee. "What's the matter, dear?" she whispers as she steps into the room. "Why are you down here at this time of night?" The husband looks up from his coffee, "Do you remember 20 years ago when we were dating, and you were only 18?" he asks solemnly. "Yes I do" she replies. The husband pauses; the words were not coming easily. "Do you remember when your father caught us in the garden?" "Yes, I remember" said the wife, lowering herself into a chair beside him. The husband continued.. "Do you remember when he showed the shotgun in my face and said, 'Either you marry my daughter, or I'll send you to jail for 20 years?" "I remember that too" she replied softly. He wiped another tear from his cheek and said, "I would have been released today"

No sleep

Yeah, i dont have sleep yet, my eyes is a bit so tired but then i can afford to rest first since my salesmen will come to the office to ask for Sales Order Slip. I know ive been so stressed for the past few days but i dont know how i would be able to correct all this. The management has been so strict since last month especially to sales specialist, we are monitored 24 hours on our performance, we are required to report how many heads we sold everyday and the corresponding net selling price, the problem on my part, when the dressing offs at 3 am, then ill be done on my report consecutively at around 6 am in thr morning, like last night. It has been so hard already on my part, so hard in fact. Cant they understand that a normal person needs at least 8 hours sleep, maybe theyre considering to maximize us at the fullest. Too bad!

Monday, June 8, 2009

ON Laptop

I am planning to buy a laptop the soonest possible, i am really having a hard time on my reports especially if im away from the office, this need actually comes when the management requires a lot of reports from me specifically, i am a bit worried if i will just rely on my usb, hence using the usb in any computer will bring harm to my files, i should do the purchase this month. I actually canvass a stylish laptop worth 20k but im hesitant if its durable, have to check the brand first and consult it with my friend who is a computer expert..haay life,,so disgusting!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Had Laundry

I just finished my laundry tonight, its just so good that its not that many, i experienced back ache and i dont know why, or maybe its because i was sitting for quite one hour in my laundry business.hehehe. Im about to sleep already for a few hours from now, so i guess this is already a goodnight to all! mwah

Thank you myspace graphic comments
Graphics for Thank You Comments

Thank you, thank you for all my blogger friend who added me up and to those who linked me up, a BIG thanks really, ive thought i couldnt have much friends here, of course i am just a struggling blogger but nevertheless a lot of blogger have extended their hands to help me in my tough times, like when i was just starting, for a newbie that time, i dnt even know what link exchange is, but now i can say i am a full grown blogger, stong enough for all the tests of blogesphere. To all those who added me up and leave their comments. for sure ill be at your doorsteps for a few seconds from now, ill keep this blog updated, worthy for your visits. Thanks again friends for the time and for the effort of visiting this small endeavor.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Could you Cheat on Someone?

You Could Cheat on Someone...

You may not want to admit it, but you have it in you to cheat.

You agree that cheating is bad, but you also think it's somewhat forgivable.

You're more on the fence with this than you think, and you could cheat if tempted enough.

Stay away from temptation for now. And figure out what may really be driving you to stray.

Wanted: Opps

I noticed its quite some time since PPP poured opps for me, i dont know whats happening, lucky are those who have more reviews now, more molah..heheh...but still thankful i did some review at other paying site,,,haays,life of a blogger, but somehow there still quite a lot of reasons to be happy, i have more friends now, and of course i can see now my passion for blogging, before i seldom update my blog but now almost every night i can sleep without updating this online endeavor of mine,hope this one works and all my effort will be rewarded, just crossing my finger.

Still Awake

My time says its 15 minutes more to go before 12 midnight, i actually took a nap already but decided to woke up to do my nightly routine, after which i decided to come online and update my blog, here im infront of my pc, drinking my milk first for a good sleep. How about you guys, are u still awake?

Stealing Moments

I am so pissed with the gf of my friend, while we were hanging out at the plaza, she kept on texting our friend coz she want my friend to pick her up at the downton, she knew our friend is with us, and that its just so seldom that we went out, she is stealing his moments with us, i am a bit so pissed with her, shes very selfish. I knew and i understand that she has all the right coz she the girlfriend but she should try to think also that theyre not yet married, she has no right to demand time from him,ewww, am i right?hehehe

Had Dinner

I had a dinner with my former friends at Ormoc, We actually dine in at BG Roys fine dining which just along the highway, its actually a nice place to eat and hang out especially if youre with your friends, While we were eating Richard Gomez came along with his peers, we were just so amazed because he went their, he said "hi" to us, but just a few minutes, he immedietly go home i guess he has something to do outside that a bit more important. It was a great night for us.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Katrina Negative For Drug Test

Just a few minutes ago, the Philippine Druf Enforcement Agency issued a statement regarding the result of the drug test of Katrina Hallili. It turned out that Ms. Hallili was positive for any illegal drugs in her body, not only for ecstacy but all kinds of drugs, the officer quoted. At that same day, Dr. hayden Kho was also at PDEA office for her turn for drug testing however there was no result yet, hopefully they will release the result soon.


I really missed my boardmates on my former boarding house. Luckily, she texted me this afternoon if we could have dinner together, i hurriedly finish my work so that i could be able to meet her up. We ate at Jollibee and thereafter we hang up at the ukay-ukay at the downton, The fiesta is fast approaching that is why there are lots of barratillo at the city, they said theyre from cebu. In fairness, there stuff are good and cheap, just last week i was able to buy a nice pair of ladies shoes for only 100 pesos, its so stylish and fashionable. Hopefully we could visit there this week again, just to see what i can buy there.

Alarm Clock

I just bought an alarm clock today because i feel i always woke up late.hmmm, this time i want to discipline my sleep, im planning tomorrow early morning i will jog at the city. I was able to but too a stylich ballpen, a ballpen holder and a headband. Theyre just so cute that i was tempted to buy,,hayyyst..Girl thing indeed!

Monday, June 1, 2009

Linkworth Assignment

Ive mentioned recently that i have a post assignment at linkworth, it was 150 words review for a certain travel agency. I immedietly publish my post however i encountered problem on posting my url, everytime i paste my post url, a message displays "your posting url is wrong"ouccch, it pissed me. I submit a ticket to them, hopefully it will be fine by tomorrow, as i only have ten days to publish the post to my site. Did you ever encounter the same problem, guys?


My boss will be having an annual sales review to be held at Manila tommorrow, that is why we are not allowed to go home not unless we would be able to finish all the required reports at the branch. My time says its 10 minutes more to go before 11 pm, i knew my eyes is getting tired, i am craving for a coffee just to forget the sleepy temptation im feeling right now. For sure as soon as ill be at my bed, no more talk and all those stuff, ill surely be asleep at once.

Island Getaway

Today marks the first day of june, time just fly too fast, nevertheless i can say that i had a great summer memories compared to last year, i did had a chance to visit lots of wonderful beaches and islands this summer. Ive been to island hopping in our nearby places and was really a memorable experienced. Indeed, such unforgettable experience in an spectacular places made you complete as a person, at the first glance you couldnt believe you've been there, you could not believe at first that a paradise is indeed true and sometimes you do ask, am i dreaming? but hey, the once in a lifetime getaway should be enjoyed to the fullest.
But theres one place i'd like you to visit, its located at Hilton Head South Carolina. Stay at the fantastic beach side at Hilton Head Island and be amazed at the beauty of their beaches, while youre there, play on one of their world-famous golf courses, and whats simply amazing is that, you dont have to go to the city to shop or you want to buy anything coz right there you can shop at their shopping center. Isnt it a great deal?
All this charming and historical setting ideally just for u, for you to be relaxed and just watch the sun set into the water. Now you're askin, where youll find this stunning beauty island packages?
Simple, just visit the link above for you to choose the wide array of great packages and accomodations.
Well, ill leave it in your hands to visit the place to be this summer.
This is of course brought to you by The Hilton Head Real State

Happy Lunch Tym

How was ur weekened guys? i hope u did had an enjoyable time with your family or loved ones, i just arrived at the office, and did my pending jobs. I mmedietly check my email and what a surprise, linkworth emailed for a penidng advertisers request for review, isnt it nice? its really such a great monday morning for me, until then,,i have to work first...