Saturday, March 9, 2013

Another Goal Fulfilled

It's another productive and joyous day on my end..

The blessings are pouring so as my thanksgiving to the Provider are overflowing. First off, i had another goals for this month fulfilled. This site is already on its own domain so im hopeful that i could get a nice figure for this. Also, i had another self hosted site bought so i think im way too productive. The tasks are overflowing too so, can i ask for more? Certainly not, God is really good to everyone.

Going back, i have actually different plan for this site, ill make you guys keep guessing but it's totally a revamp of an old site. More focus postings and of course more niche centered. As you can see, i am doubling my effort for this blog as you see on my images. Hopefully, ill reap a nice end soon.

It's really nice to go back with my humble beginnings of this blog of mine. When i was so struggling to set this up, when i was at the edge of giving up and even those times where i lost the motivation. This year brings back a nice inspiration for me. I noticed i was extra hardworking and of course i observed more tasks coming as i concentrate on my sites. 

Indeed, i really have unending lists to be thankful about..Let my grateful heart be the living proof:)