Saturday, July 9, 2011

Weekend Meme

Yes, its time for me to rest..THis is the day i love most because i can just sleep all day. I did my downtown stuff yesterday including my grocery thing. We also roamed around the mall with my sister and eat from time to time. Hehehe. I also had bought a nice shirt and shorts which i loved the cotton materials. My sister is asking me to buy something sweet thats why I am planning to make a dessert today as i wanted to cook and eat refreshing food. I still dont have in mind as to what food will bring my appetite into a different experience. Lets see. But i bought ingredient for a chicken salad because i love how my mom made this dessert last Christmas. Im craving for sweets now..Hehehe. Hey, its not what you think guys, My hubby is still abroad so its impossible. wink*

Anyway, ill be travelling again week after next week as im going to meet someone in Cebu, i am still looking at the best place to stay. I have so many thoughts that excites me actually, a lot of thoughts but let me just give it to me this time. On the other end, my hubby has not called up yet. Maybe he still at work. We were a little sweet last night so i am missing him terribly today. I am actually finishing all my reviews due for this week, so here i am trying to scout for more words. Hehehe. Im pretty lazy now finshing a 500 word article. But if im in the mood, i can even make up to 10 articles. Hayst, a little motivation, please.....