Sunday, August 22, 2010

No Place Like Home

I went home last weekend to celebrate our fiesta with the rest of the guys, it was also a time to bond with my family and fortunately my uncle decided to go home and celebrate the fiesta with us, so he invited his friends to go home too, they were like 5 friends that stayed with us for 4 days. It was so much fun really. we arrived like late at night on the friday the 13th and we asked my brother to help us with all teh things we brought home coz we couldnt carry them all, we decided to buy all the stuff needed for cooking the menu here in cebu coz we have less time to buy all those stuff so the result we pay more the hundreds for the excess baggage, but it was just fine at all. Good thing my titas from my mom side came over to our place to help, they prepared especiall "moron" made of pure chocolates, it was really delicious. Baby Sam- my nephew also stay at home for the rest of the weekend. It was really so much fun for us especially that we have lots of visitors, it was enjoyable, memorable and really once in a lifetime moment. Until now, as i talked with my sister few hours ago, she told me they make fruit salad now coz we still have excess ingredients for the dessert coz we havent made them all coz we are all busy, so she said theyre still enjoying post fiesta celebration, well its only my sister and my brother who is left at home so no wonder theyre also gaining that much, but hopefully we will meet again and bond still when i go home on my birthday and i promised to treat them for an overnight stay. well, theres no place like home.