Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Looking for Cheerleading Outfits?

Cheer dance is one of the many high school memories that i love to remember with a smile. Who would have thought that this shy girl can join such energetic way of dancing and yelling. Gladly, i had an active curricular activities in my high school years and i believe its one of the reasons why i end up and exposed student in my college years.

Anyway, up until now i still get excitement whenever i am invited to watch a cheerdance competition. I look forwad in seeing fantastic cheerleading outfits and cheerleading shoes. Both are essential apparels when one joins a cheer dance competition. But of course, the dance wouldnt ne complete without a cheerleading bows. As you all know guys, this kind of dance needs a captivating stunts and moves. With that, a girly uniform would complete the package.

A competition for such kind of dance has its unique way of judging criteria but overall an audience is always impressed with a cheerdance who is composed of passionate members who will drive the crowd and the judges. You will surely love watching a cheerdance competition especially if its a battle joined actively by different schools in town. I knew some private entity organize such kind of battles.

What the Card Says.....

I just think of posting another quizz just for a change and heres what ive got:

You Are One of a Kind

You know how to express your truth. It may not be anyone else's truth, and you're okay with that.

You are a profoundly creative and downright delightful person. You inspire the world.

You're unique and flexible. And you defy any category.

There's always time for laughing at misfortune. You know you can't let bad luck get you down.

The Best Red Wine

Hows your social life now? I hope its as active as any other woman in the city. As for me, i do have my socialization days but i limit it now as i just have few friends that are less busy in the place. When i was having my own pad, i was a party girl and a drinker too. Yes guys, i do have my share of drinking days, saturday night outs and other fun stuff a single woman could ever do. Today, i opt to just bond with my sister and visit some good friends if i have time. I need to be responsible and manage my finances as tightwad as possible.

Going back with my party days, i remember a bar at my old home where we do hang outs often. The ambiance was fantastic and people who do visit the place are mostly professional so you wouldnt worry for possible war incident. As to their drinks, they served assorted wine brands, from locally made wine to expensive wine. Our favorite was their wine especialty which is a mixture of different wines and ladies drink. While a friend usually order their best red wine. How i missed those bonding days but it isnt too late to reminisce those moments. Im sure there will be another fun moment soon.

A Glimpse on Sites that Sell Jewelry Online

Hi guys, how are you doing so far? I just hope that you did had a great day. As for me, i had fun roaming around downtown searching for military rifles for sale. Well, i am actually looking for one for my nephew. He is one of the participants in their Citizens Army Training and since he was chosen as one of the officials, then they are required to have rifles as part of the pre requisite of the course. I know how expensive the thing is but what can i do, i need to show to them that i also support them even just in little ways that i can. Since, i havent searched the city of an affordable rifle. I am planning to browse the web for possible military auction. Im sure there are plethora of sites that offer such stuff especially auction site that caters general merchandise. I hope i can find it the soonest because i am still planning to visit my favorite shopping site to browse for best find. I heard that great sites that sell jewelry online have huge sale now. Better check it out the soonest guys. Im so sure you will feel delighted with what you will see at some auction site, right?

Got So Many Tasks

Wow, the day brings so many blessings again. I got few tasks from paying sites and articles to finish. Well, isnt it a great day for me? Yours truly had been so tired and stressed with so many things to do and attend to. I had to do some offline errand for my sister and for my mom too. Both of them are leaving to Cebu this weekend so the papers i need to arrange are needed for the trip. Afterwhich, i had to do some canvass for some stuff that im planning. I was at downtown the entire day and arrived few minutes ago. Another thing, while pushing my cart at the grocery store, i bumped with an acquintance - a business woman in the city. We exchange hellos and chitchats a little. She turned out to be not connected anymore with the company and told me few stuff about the latter. I was fascinated the way she teased me now. She said i look better than when i was at my former company. I do think so too. Well, God has been so good to me so at this point allow me to just thank my God for everything that he has done into my life. I just hope i will remain and continue to become an instrument of HIS love and kindness.