Tuesday, January 3, 2012

On Binoculars

In less than few hours, the sister will be on its way back to her dormitory. Its kinda sad to see her leaving but we cant do otherwise coz its for the betterment of everyone. While the brother is already working, my fatner is the one at home with my mom. Thus, in the next few days, we will leave for vacation, to actually celebrate the festivity of Sr. Sto Nino in the nearby city. The father dont want to go with us since no one will take good care of my brother so they will just be the two of them left home.

I am kinda excited again to be part of the annual Sinulog festivity. Its one of the most flocked celebration among the festivities in the country. In fact, most tourist schedule their vacation on this date because of the awesome floats, lots of celebrities and amazing cultural dance presentation. Ive witnessed this event thrice and it will be my fourth time becoming a part of the festival. Last year, it was the brother and a cousin who came over and now it will be me, my mom and a fellow. Its not kinda hard to roam around since the brother has his own car and we can visit anywhere we want. I wish we could come over to Bosai because TOPS offers fantastic view of the land especially if you have Binoculars or any Spotting scopes. Well, i heard from a friend that there are Spotting scopes for rent there and i hope we could avail of one.

The Expert on Cloud Security

Good morning folks, yours truly is signing again to talk about some recent find. The holiday is truly a perfect time for us to scout, search and weigh in fabulous finds. For instance, it gave us a sole chance to look for a great dress, nice gifts and even home and living stuff that we just cant search during typical day. The reason? Well, on this season, most store conducted year-end sale and other sale promos. Who wouldn't want to purchase stuff at discounted price? Im a certified impulse buyer so i would love to avail of discount and sale promos is i could. Anyway, my recent find is about internet security. Im sure you're not novice to the world of world wide web, are you? You being a huge fan of social media sites is a clear indication how you are hooked to internet, right? Well, im going to share today about cloud security , Context aware security and SaaS. So, anyone knows any of these? These mentioned internet security are just few to mentioned software programs that keeps your internet browsing secure and guarded. With the viruses around,its a must to install a security software for secure browsing.For secure email and web getaway have your internet secured with zscaler.com

Shoutmix Free Plan Unavailable?

For some reasons, i love checking out some live chats. I came to see who dropped by and leave some warm thoughts. The other day, i was surprised to see it with no content instead it says " Shoutmix free plan unavailable". Quite surprised but i hope its not for good, hehehe. Free stuff are incredible but well if i cant avail it, ill look for other free shout mix widgets.

On the other end, i am already on my work doing some work stuff. Got the chance to update this bloggie so im doing it now. Had so many workloads as the result of the long vacation. I just received a surprise notification and i kinda loved it. To this, i also wish for a blessed day for everyone. Stay safe guys.