Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Hearts Day

Happy Hearts Day guys! Hows your celebration for lovers day? lol. As with us, the honey just had his fair share of sweet and thoughtful lover. He phones me early morning to greet me and i on the other hand sent a special power point presentation. I made a personalised slides with a random pics of ours on its background. Then i install some music we both loves as its background, im kinda sweet especially to people who matters deeply in my heart. This is actually the best Valentines day ever and i owe it to the man who just changed my life drastically.

On the lighter note, im busy composing my story for a paid review. The rules of this site is quite stringent but the pay is fabulous. So my Valentines, so to speak is very blessed. I have the honey and i have some online tasks. A lame excuse for long distance couples, hehehe. Have a great day. guys.