Sunday, September 22, 2013

A Short Hair For Me

Happy sunday everyone, Finally we're enjoying a wifi soon and tomorrow the new desktop will be installed. So while, we are less busy and enjoying a fast connection, id like to make some updates here. Really, i love my speedy connection and i can load the site that fast. The phone is also installed and that i am planning to make an extention system in my room. The vacant place infront of the house is for a cafe and we will see if it's a profitable business on our end. Hopefully, i am planning to open up a printing service and encoding as well if my brother would agree that he would do some for the customers. I knew there are students here who would like to visit the cafe for research purposes and we would like to take advantage of that.

Anyway, i remember sharing in one of my posts that i am planning to have a short hair since it's kinda hot already. I havent touched my hair since i had it rebonded and thank God my hair is still as good as i want it to be. I manage to pamper it with hair spa treatment once a week and now i have it trimmed for the split ends. But over and above, id like to give credit to the best salon in town that did my hair rebond. They are really superb in terms of giving you quality service. But of course, i availed of a nice package so the quality is equally great.

So, How do you love my short hair?