Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Its a Long yet Fulfilling Day

Its a long day for me because of so many things to do at the office yet i find it fulfilling. I've done sending the pics of Reanne and my mom's birthday to my partner and i just uploaded some at my account. Anyway, just awhile ago i am thinking as to how i can save with my communication expense. Im spending way too much on exchanging sms to my honey pie. I hope i could save a little. Although i dont call coz i will just text him and he will call immediately. We decided to stop our package that avails me for free texts and unlimited calls because the signal was so worst. There are times that i cant hear what he is saying and sometimes he would just call a different number. Right now, we are actually using a direct account from his phone and just imagine the expense of communicating and calling me few times a day. I knew he is not complaining but i want to do something so that we could save. Can anyone tell me whats the best option to communicate cheaply overseas?

Bothered and Worried

Last night after a long and great talk with my honey. He mentioned about his plan to share his stocks to his associates. The corporation he once built with sweat and labor has now boomed and turned into a multinational company with of course few share of stocks. At the start of building it, he saw no problem as with his teams and with the people working for him but now that it is earning and growing, his partners are a bit in different directions with him. He told me that he wanted to buy the share of his partners but they aren't that interested so he met up with some investors at LA for possible partnership. Now, he is planning to just sell his share and might as well build another company. I knew the skills and expertise of my man so im so confident that he will do it again this time. Goodluck honey.

Good Morning Wednesday

Im having my lunch break guys. I'm presently at work and attending to some backlogs. We have a new accountant so my work will be a bit lessen. Im happy today because my love called up on my way home. Ohh, im actually viewing my horoscope now and i cant help but smile. Its always a great day for me and i hope for you too guys. Be safe always.