Friday, January 28, 2011

Death Anniversary

WE did had a small celebration tonight as we celebrate the death anniversary of my grandfather. it was just a pretty simple event though we just prepared food and some desserts just to have a small get together at home. It was quite fun because my nephews were there all through out. Before i left to the cafe tonight to chat with my honey pie, i still see some bottles at the fridge for the boys, i guess. Though my father is not a heavy drinker but i knew occasions like these, he will surely enjoy especially if there are laughing and stories that are just for drinking session. We still had lots of foods left because it was purposedly done to have a leftover for tomorrows appetite. We actually did our favorite desserts and it was for a weeks appetite. Im sure its going to be a heavy stomach for us. Have a great weekend guys.

Thursday, January 27, 2011


There are things in life that youll be surprised of upon learning. While some stuff shocked your system nevertheless it may somehow brings some good insights that may be helpful as time passed by. Ive never been so surprised as of the recent happenings of my childhood friend. I wanted to give her my utmost symphathy and understanding but i cant help but think of the things is bothering me upon entertaining some evil thoughts.I wish i could have paint the dark skies that is happening to her now but i realized no matter how i try to fix the world when she herself cannot fix her own self, then its so useless to try to change things. I knew lifes surprises are by far constant but at least accepting things will lesses the emotional gravity. Wish things will be fine with my lil sistah.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Just an Update

Im not in the mood to share, but i knew its my responsibility to give my readers a happy moment as possible. Nevertheless, im always thankful that the boyfriend is there for me. No matter how busy he is and no matter how moody i am. He just dont fail every single day to check if im doing okey or any problem i am facing with, in fact i just had my share of my moody days and i knew i can always count on him.I wonder why he is so good to me, always and almost. In fact, he is insisting that i should go back to Cebu and stay at the apartment that he looked for. He actually asked someone to look for a home where we could possibly maintain together and a housekeeper, he was able to find a housekeeper already and had myself interviewed the later. But i certainly not enjoying the place there and as of now i wanted to be at home first. He just called up today and i end up ranting about someone, he just end up listening to me and the sweetest thing, he would always makes me feel that he is always for my side. He then insisted to call up later tonight and talk again, hehehhe. But at the end of the day, i am always grateful that i have him in my life. No other person and hubby and honey that i wanted for in my life except and him and him alone. I wish he could arrange things up so that he could come earlier this year. To honey pie, thank u for always being there for me. Im always grateful that its you that i end up with and from the day i promised to be with you until this very day and until the very last day, i will always vow for a commitment with you - a shared love and a coupledom far matured and tested by time.

Friday, January 21, 2011

An ISO Certified Faucet

A faucet is one important stuff that should be available anywhere at the house. Water which is very essential to human beings isthe core concept of how faucet is vital to any home. An ordinary faucet will do but eventually getting a cheap one will just give you headache, it pays to choose a durable and a faucet that youre sure of its quality and of coure if its made of a credible manufacturer, that itself will tell the kind of material they used and will assure us of ts safety and durability.

Environmentally friendly faucet, Dada

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There are some advantages of picking DADA faucet over the popular brand. First off, the company is famous for low error rate because of its automatic manufacturing processes. Lead component has been completely removed, when youre thinking of your health safety. Consistent coating thikness and lastly is it available with a variety of designs to choose from.

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Soulmate Unfolds

I really wanted to share to you guys and to my constant visitors about the stuff and latest learning ive discovered recently.As we all knew, this is our favorite subject since we learn to admire our opposite sex and since we felt how painful it is to be broken hearted. Anyway, ive read a Cosmo mag lately and found out about the stuff on soulmate. I always thought that when we say our "soulmate", it always refers to the one person who would complete us, so to speak our prince charming. I always thought that soulmate is the term referring to Mr. Right and that he was the person i was destined for. Not until, ive read that soulmate can actually be many and can actually refer to a person you have met or u just met recently. Did i say many soulmate? Yes i did and i eventually mean soulmates, meaning we could eventually have many soulmates not just one. So dont worry of getting hooked of a Mr. Maybe now coz who know Mr. Right will come. Another thing, soulmate actually refers to soul nourishing mate. So, you know that when one refers to a soulmate, it doesnt necessarily mean the right guy but maybe a good guy or someone who brings out the best in you. Now thats the thing.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Get paid to Write; Another Site to Be Hooked On

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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Business Cards

The presence of internet made ones business a wider arena to sell and to market. If you could compare the target market of previous owners who were conventional and conservative then in their strategies, they would totally gave you of their insights based on the actual surveys excluding those people who subscribe to online market. Trending nowadays, tells us that influence of the technology is really so evident. In fact, some owners already considered the internet world as the new market aside from the present division of local and international customers. In fact, advertisement in the internet is already a trend and more often than not these avenue became the most accessible and easiest way to shout to the world. Speaking of internet, did you know that you can make your own business cards too as marketing strategies in the net. Yes,customize business cards is the latest avenue business owners are trying to do for as part of their marketing strategies. I have also knew few people who are doing such marketing stuff and they say that it in indeed effective. Well, i knew personally how competition is so stiff these days, everybody wanted to stay on top and everyone is aiming for the first place but its always the strategies of winning that will always be a battlerun for anyone. Like in any business, you need to be creative, innovative and needs to have a lot of patience in order to acquire a winning battle. Marketing strategies should be modern and has a heart for people and the end result shoule be people-oriented.

Bright Day

First off, i wanted to apologize for failing to update this page of mine, as you all knew guys i was sick for few days but today im doing good now and i will be returning the favor in just few minutes. Its been quite so hard coz my throat was swollen and had hard time eating and drinking, Just took some med to give relief to my throat. Last night, i felt that i was feeling better. Im glad that i am sorrounded with great people who from time to time called up to check if im doing fine. Lucky too, that i have a brother who gave me all the med i need, even those that i dont, from vitamins, skin care, feminine care and everything that he just supplied us. Lucky, that i have my family who cares for me beyong conditions, cooked for me, for us whenever we need special foods we crave.I knew i couldnt asked for more. Now, im feeling better.THough is still have colds but overall im totally okey.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Fever and Flu

When i woke up yesterday, i just found out that i had a sore throat/ I knew its quite swolen coz i can feel the pain whenever a liquid passes by at my throat. Plus the fact that i had a fever and a flu, really makes my day so bad. Anyway, i feeling better now, hoping that the med i took will alleviate me from this flu.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Souvenir Photos

When i was sharing an apartment way back in my former work environment, i had a friend who was really fond of taking pictures. Whenever we went for a planned vacation, she will really had a camera on her. It was fun and exciting coz every scenes are captured into memories. In fact, until now she still has these fondness for pictures. I really regret the fact that i am not fond of pictures nor taking pictures in places that i often visited. I regret that i wasnt able to capture the moments where i shared special memries with loved ones or even just the time i spent with the place. But late last year, i have accomplished a scrapbook with my souvenir photos there. I put captions and arranged it by the date it was taken. When im done with the photo book, i shared it with some friends and im glad they like it. Now i still have it with me and whenever im the mood to look back at some memories, there is the photo book which reminds me of the scenes and memories i once had. Speaking of photo book, Did you know that photo book needs to be durable because once it is not made of good quality, you will just suffer with pictures that will end up exfoliating in apperance. It reminds me one day of an experience i cound forget, i was looking for a photo album then and these photo book that i picked has an attractive cover which made me decides to picked it up, to my dismay when i opened it up at home, i found the pages being moistured and exfoliated. I just didnt used it at all, anyway if youre looking for one, try to browse for photo posters. Im sure you'll like its quality.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Water Supply Shortage

We were informed by a neighbor about a water shortage these coming days, upon hearing those stuff, we hurriedly look for pale and other kitchenware that could be possibly used to store temporarily of a clean water. I knew its most likely to happen because of the floods that is happening everywhere and i guess its part of the maintenance too. I just hope it could not last longer than expected. Good thing that we have our own supply of water coz ive seen the public faucet nearby and i saw lots of pale there and they are waiting their turns just to make sure they have enough supply just in case the shortage happens. Well, i just hope this is just it, i mean no floods and no worst things coming. Prayers are the best key to these.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

True LOve

..comes and goes but there is always someone who would complete you. It may be harder everytime we encounter heartbreak but the more we try to fight and battle for love the more we get near to the right destination. Im so glad that i am one of the lucky girls who were able to find someone who could change your life life. From dull to a colorful and meaningful journey and from singlehood to the status of "in a relationship". Indeed, sometimes it makes our heart fonder everytime we wanted to tell the whole world that we are in love and in commitment and everytime we do so, its like an announcement that we are lucky to experience once again a feeling of love and be loved. So much stories to tell indeed but everytime we are hit by cupids arrow, its always a feeling of having a fairytale fullfilled.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Link Exchange

My other blog " MOney Talks" is now open for link exchange. I wanted to ask for support of my friends and visitors to visit my other blog. I also have Journey from the Past which is a personal blog which is also open for link exchange. Please add me and buzz me to add your blog respectively. Thanks in advance.

Public Service

Oftentimes the word public service is quite overused not only by politician but by people who wishes their seat too. As a public administration graduate, i have been taught of the concept of public service and as i encounter several circumstance of the political arena. I find it too difficult to match the concept of this thing to the real world. The mismatch of understanding came from different experiences that i have personally enocunter. To name some, i have known few people who just wanted the elective post for personal gain. Nevertheless, who among those people dont have personal agenda, they all have but at least some had few stuff to share and have done or will do something to alleviate the conditions of their respective constituents. But what is worst, is to came across with people who doesnt work at all but just used the position for augment in their financial stability. In fact, many have meet both end because of such post. I knew we cannot blame those people to give the service we are all aiming for because of the prevalent vote buying that is happening during elections. But still, i wanted to challenge those people in the post to give service to their contituents rather than to be served. To give rather to receive and to show real leadership rather than be cowards. Be the best example to the people and be a good follower coz once and for all, leaders are good followers. I hate to admit that sometimes people elected those that cannot even follow what the law requires and abides by its rules. Public office is a public trust. If i cant trust the servant much more can i trust the position.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Cold Day

The rain still keeps on pouring and indeed its so great to stay in bed. We just had a movie marathon today and non stop eating. We decided to make a cheese lumpia just to satisfy our appetite.Today marks the Birthday of my childhood friend and w just bond together. She is a great friend and i have her since we were so small and until now we were still the closest friend we were then. We keep each other secrets and share each other sentiments once in a while. So far, i dont have a close friend in my place aside from her and im happy that until this very time we keep each others company. To you dear, Happy happy Birthday.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

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Google Analytics

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Rainy Morning

Good morning guys, am here signing in. Its a cold and rainy morning once again but then its time to wake up and do the usual activities. how was your sleep guys? Did u have a great sleep? I hope u did, coz i did had a wonderful sleep. Wondering why i woke up this early, well i need to pay my credit card as early as today to avoid charges. Good thing, i just sent it through teir accredited payment center. I am supposed to go to Adorimus but then the rain makes me so lazy to go there. I do hope i could just pay the visit next week. I also need to meet my former administrator of our school because he wanted to see me, i do hope i can do it this week. Well its time for me first to do some usual blog visit, Expect me at your doorsteps guys.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Marketing Products

In any business, its important to establish marketing strategy to convince more customers and retain the old ones. If we can observe these huge business firms, their real assets lies on how they promote their products to the market. Its how they gave the utmost service to the customers that made them stay on top. They have branding and marketing quotes for teh customers to easily recognice the products and commercials and paid advertisements are among the most popular marketing activities of popular brands. Nonetheless, its not only through media or radio advertisement that will paved the way to brand popularity, some may consider also offering printed products or at the advent of the new technology, some would consider internet marketing. In internet marketing, you can consider getting a specialist of just hire a firm that will do the marketing stuff from direct marketing, print marketing, website services. For banks and other financial institutions, you may consider designs for business checks. This is also one way of brand marketing which are also applicable for personal checks. There are variety of ways to market and promte your products. But at the end of the day, its always the quality and great service that will matter to the customers.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Your Chinese Horoscope

Want to know how life will go the flow this year>

Read how youre going to do well in 2011:

Youll probably have a great year - rabbit, sheep or pig

excellent prospects for this year - Ox, tiger, snake and dog

Hold Back a bit - Rooster, rat, horseand monkey

Party party

I just came out from the church and headed straight to the cafe to update my blog and im glad its not that raining so hard. These past few days, the rain really pours so heavily that its so tiring to go out and roam around. Anyway, the new year celebration was over but the joy and happiness was not yet over. It was an awesome party last New Year's eve, participated by our neighbors, friends and relatives. We prepared plenty of game that made the party so exciting. IN fact we finishes eating and merry making about 5 am in the morning because of the videoke. Everyone was happy because of the small get together that we prepared. We had our drinking session outside and had also our barbecue there. It was great that i enjoyed it so much. I guess the next party will be the blow out of my sister which is graduating this April. Happy New Year everyone.