Monday, September 20, 2010

Sex Trafficking

I am not either an activist in my college years nor i belong into a womans organizations which helps women who were victims of any maltreatment. I dont belong to any of those but since i have this portal to air out what i fell and how i felt on those certain issues so i better use this for a good cause. I have heard lots and lots of women in the news and even here in the net who were victims of sex trafficking abroad particuarly in the Middle East. Sadly these figures we have in our data are not the correct numbers to be exact cause mostly there are still lots of domestic helpers who were victim of such but just remained mum until now cause they believe that nothing will happen to their case, they believe so because even our government has a weak protection for woman like me. Our government has no specific laws that would guarantee protection to women especially if it is just an isolated case. Have you ever experienced talking to a woman who is a victim of rape? or even abused from evil men? Have you ever heard their cried for justice and Have you ever heared their stories of being used and abused by several men and treated like an animal, much worst like an animal and when they decided to complain to our help desk, they were just taken forgranted because they dont have the money to finance for such expensive legal battle. Its really a shame to be in a government wher womens protection is quite not that clear.Worst thing is about the case of our domestic helpers particularly those that are working in the Middle East where they are being raped and become sex slaves. These Filipinas risk their lives going there just to give a greener pasteur to their family but unluckily they end up being brutally traded sexually. I really condemn these widespread cases of Filipinas but what i dont understand is why our immigration cannot do something about these. I hope somehow our government - these goverment can protect the rights of women and fight for our fellow filipinas who were exploited and traded sexually beyond borders.

A Great STart

I find this day really great for me because of a lot of things, im thankful because i was able to wake up and God gave me another day to enjoy life, second i am blessed because HE always makes me feel that HE is always there for me. Well i missed my familyy now, really.Did i share with you that i was lost last Saturdayy, i actuallyy went out for a grocery and i was kind of trouble as to what im going to ride in and to my dismay i ride the wrong route which made me walk up to downtown proper nonetheless is was a bit a new experience to share.Happy MOnday everyone