Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The Essence of Video Conference

Indeed, we are at the zenith of technological era. An era where technology plays a vital role in this world. From its essential role in the communication, transportation and even to the little piece in this world. The convenience and life's comfort is the product of innovative world where people choose to embrace a life at its finest.

There are so many things that technology has provided with ease and comfort to everyones life. Try to figure out how its easier these days to commute even to the farthest city because we have railway transit and of course the innovation in every plan that we sit in. But, its worth to note that technology share its capstone in the line of communication. Today, every person can commmunicate cheaply and conveniently with no hassle and delay because in just a click you could see the other person face to face and in live streaming. This is where Audio conference and Video conference came into picture. This means of communication is widely used today especially in the field of business and marketing where updates are necessary.

Who says long distance is a headache? Not now and not tommorrow because every click means possibility. Thats a promise that is guaranteed.

Loving My Life

If theres one thing i wanna thank about, its the moment God gave me this incredible man. I am forever and will always be indebted to him for everything that he does to my life. He will always saves me from untoward incidents and for all crises in general. He will always offer whatever he has or when he is on travel he will always ask someone to help me alleviate whatever things i am facing. I am trying to figure out where was he when the man i once loved hurt me terribly? I wish he just came earlier but enough coz at last he came at the right time. To my dear honey, thank you, thank you for everything. You know that im always hesitant to accept anything that you want me to receive coz i dont want you to think that this stuff is the only thing that bridge us. No and never coz you know that i love you and i will always be here for you.

I may not tell you everyday that i love you but you know that and i knew you can feel that. Cant wait the day we will finally be together. Thanks for taking care of me so much.