Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Website Development, Anyone?

Few days ago, i register with to avail of their web hosting and domain services. I kinda like their site because of the super-bowl offerings to their customers. I realized there are lots and lots of people who are interested in making money in the net by building their own sites. Over time, i learned that there are few advantages of a site who is self hosted, not only of the possible earnings to get but more on creating spaces in the net. In due time, i will be availing of a hosting service. But right now, allow me to talk about website development , have you heard about it already? Im sure you do, because most of the sites we see in the net availed of such service. I am looking forward to know more about this service. What are the pros and cons of availing such kind and possible advantages and benefits. Interested? then its time to get your site a total makeover.

Another Bunch of Tasks

Its unstoppable i guess, i was given another tasks today and i cant complain. Its the thrill of reserving tasks that excites me much everyday.You get to refresh your dashboard and then when you finally get the task, you feels so ecstatic. But there are times that note states "no available slots". Well, its a productive Wednesday again. My friend was able to get some tasks too. I knew i am so stressed now but i just can slip an extra molah now, right guys?