Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Still Struggling....

Gosh, i am already complaining about the mess that this sickness brings unto me. Few days back, my feet was swelling because of the pedicure stuff that hit my toenail terribly. Ive thought, it would just be it. After the medications and all those pretty time consuming healing process i was then thankful that it a bit less painful that the first day. But i never thought, here comes another mess. The start of the week gives me a not so good news, i was infected with sore eyes which ive got from a neighbor. It was pretty bad because i need to really deal with is sensively.I mean i never thought it will fell this bad because i bought an eye drop when i started to feel uncomfy about my eyes. I really prayed that it wouldnt continue because i need to report to office already plus i have so many online tasks to deal with. With my condition, i cant think and its painful to be at the screen for few hours. You wount believe it but while doing this post i am wearing a sunglasses. I didnt actually tell my hubby about this thing because i knew he will just be worried. I felt he always deals with everything i wen through lately. From the UTI to the feet issues and everything in between. I knew he has so many things to think of and I dont think I need to tell him about this thing because i already felt how stressed he is even last night when we talked.

I always believe that he wouldnt like the idea of keeping this things behind his back but with everything that had happened this month. All those health issues that we have to face together. Its already a hassle giving him this burden. My eyes is really painful now, its so reddish and swelling. I already bought like 3 eyedrops for the past few days and today i decided to take antibiotic to deal with it quickly. The doctor advised me to get some rest and dropped this eye solution 3 times a day to have the noticeable effect. I hope its gonna work this time.

Out of desperation, i cant help but shared with my cousin about the past issues im dealing with. Last Holy week, i really prayed hard to free my eyes from those infection because i need to finish all those backlogs. But it didnt happen, somewehere i get disappointed because i need to work double time for all the coming expenses this month. But eventually i was enlightened by what my aunt told me, as she said " maybe God allowed this sore eyes to happen so that you could rest". Partly true, maybe this is her sweetest way of telling me that " My child, you need some break". I knew i was been so workaholic for the past few days. You cant imagine, i can almost finished 20 reviews a day in just one sitting. I didnt want to stop even my head is complaining already, coz we all know what it meant to us. Nevertheless, im strating to feel relieve by the mere thought that " Gods plan is better than what i believe is best for me". At least, i can see the light behind this frustrations.

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