Friday, December 16, 2011

My Blessed and Fantastic Year

A week ago i read a friend's posting at Facebook about some thoughts and meme on her experiences this year. Upon reading, it cross into my mind about having same post and since im in my mood to right now, the plan of doing some personal meme just happened on this very hour. I knew you can observe for sure how i was so damn in love with my partner. Its very evident how my post centered on him most of the time. I wish you just understand this poor lady because i just am so overwhelmed with how God created HIS marvelous plans at the perfect time and at the right reasons.I feel so lucky to have this chance in experiencing a relationship where most of the time i am pleased, i am taken care of, i am loved and most especially i am his apple of the eye. It cares so much when someone miles away wasted his precious time checking out one me everyday, sharing my troubles and of course standing beside you through good times and bad times. I have never been this contented and fulfilled, never in my 26 years of existence.

A friend told me once that in this journey there would always come a time where you will be blessed to have a man just as you want it to be. Surprising as it is but God always has reasons for everything. Anyway, we just had this conversation last night about something we are talking about. We are discussing everything from expenses, plans, my activities and almost about everything. When i opened up to him about this wish i am eyeing for this year without an agenda of having him fulfilled and i was so surprised when he told me that i can have it and i indeed smile from ear to ear because this man is the only man who is happy when im happy and is dying to give me the world if he can. Well, a lot have been said but from start to the end and all things in between. there are just two hearts that matters. Our story will always depend on our decisions to let things happen, without one even fate won't work.

Why You Need a Web Based Application

Being in a business is not quite easy as what everybody thinks. Maybe you might be thinking it gives a great feeling once you become an investor since people would always have this thinking that you are indeed financially well-off. Although, some people are outright distinguished as businessmen because of their personality and the way they project but some has somehow master the art of hiding.I actually know one who dont look like a business man. he just wears slippers, his clothes are mostly not branded, he mostly can be seen anywhere yet i knew from myself that he is one of the millionaires in town. This man was actually one of our business partners so i happened to work with him closely. He was so generous but of course its clearly shown from his face how skilled and perfectionist he is once he do business.

I could still remember the very day i was introduced to him by my superior. He really has no idea how he would start the business so he asked for my help from hiring to the operation process in general. His people report to me directly and I on the other hand would just give direction to them whenever its necessary. One thing i observed as exception when starting a business are mountains of paper works and files that one would encounter. Of course, you take consideration the liquidation and inventory of your goods. Honestly speaking, it was so much stressful that the word itself. I figured a business needs like a database to prevent manual encoding of transactions. I wish i could receommend to them about rapid application development and rapid web application development. Both are necessary to build database and reporting applications. Its quite tough still applying hand coding as it does not only gives you prone to manual error but it also gives you so much waste of time. Well, if you are planning for a business venture soon then make sure you keep track of your operation by getting a web based application. That's the rightmost solution.