Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Summer Sale @ Ebay.ph

Wow, i was at the nearest mall awhile ago and my shopaholic nerves was super delighted. Why not? The mall is having a summer sale and the deals are truly worth of a grab. Well, its not only the mall in my town that is on trend for Summer Sale since most of the stores nationwide and even the prestige online stores where i do my online shopping is also having huge sales.

My recent finds are a plethora of nice tote which is perfect hand carry when you plan for beach getaway. The big totes that most fashion icon love to carry is a staple fashion must have since you can carry anything you want including your kikay kit without being too showy about your excitement. I mostly see celebrities having that sought after tote and when i saw the same kind of bag at ebay then i am really crazy getting it at its perfect deal. Speaking of deals, Isnt it a kind of tickle when we saw our favorite bag on 75% off. Yes, im not kidding as ebay.ph is having a huge sale.

Here's what you need to shop for your summer wardrobe: