Thursday, December 1, 2011

As Promised

Ohhh, heres my pics when i attended the wedding of my bestfriend. I took few days before i could upload it because of the digi cam thing. It cant be uploaded in the laptop so i try to look for ways to upload it using other medium. Anyway, let me share with you my pic taken at home after the wedding.


Its my first time to become one of the secondary sponsors. I did attend few weddings before but mostly its just a civil wedding. So pardon me if i was uber excited to this event. The wedding motif was orange paired with a yellow green lace. My shoes is a gold stelletto which i bought at a boutique in the nearest mall courtesy of course of my hubby. My clutch was black with gold lining and gladly, i was able to get one when i roamed around the town. It was indeed so special not only because its the wedding of the closest friend i have but also because attending a ceremonial occassion which involves exchanging "I do's" is certainly magical to me. My make up by the way is done by a good friend who does the make up too of a principal sponsor.

Indeed, theres nothing more fulfilling than creating memories you will forever cherish, Enough that i once had my bridesmaid days and looking forward to my big day. wink*