Sunday, December 21, 2008


I am really so tired of this unending workload, even to my rest day, i need to report just toprevent backlog of my job. Its totally a disapointment to my part to be in this situation, yeah we need to persevere, to be hardowrking but nonentheless we also need to rest, we also need to sleep and give ourselves time. Earning is so valuable to us, coz with this we can buy whatever we want and of course our basic needs. But theres always a limitations in everything that we are into, coz overstepping into that may lead into chaos,overworked may lead to sickness. Our body is such so important that we need to value this, the most.
Hope my superior could read this, because theyre just up to giving instruction, but theyre not there to really experienced what i am experiencing, theyre not there when my body cannot almost react because of over stressed, overfatigued.
I wish everyone is fair!

WHat i want this Christmas

A Victorias Secret is all i want this christmas, yeah im craving for the sweet scent of this perfume, its really my wish to received a gift this holiday.hmmm,,who else could give this to me?hahhaha, let's see?
Happy holidays Everyone