Monday, April 23, 2012

I Choose...

Here's a quick share for everybody. I choose this because ive been in some waldering thoughts lately. I remember those times where we were just struggling on our studies. Where life was at the hardest. I mean knowing how my father meet both ends for us to send us all to school was never been easy. We've been there and we've done that. I remember hardships at its extreme and where we dont find any solace but on each other.

Looking back, i reminisce those times with a smile because if i were to grade our hardships and where we are now, i would give my parents a grade with flying colors. I wouldnt just give them an average mark but "excellent". They may not be the best parents on someone's else eyes but to us their children, they are the precious gems that every kid would be proud of. Im kinda proud to say that we are the proof of the good harvest. Always, its notable to say that every parents success lies in each of their son's or daughters. For few weeks more, im sure my dad would be ever proud of what they have achieved and whatever it is, i will also be a proud member of the family.

Gone are the days where the fight is about them and just the two of them, now its the four of us plus them. All in one, together we will survive. Hopefully, some new additions to the family will just make our roots stronger and happier :)

Its Monday Again!

Good morning Folks, Hope you start your week right. I had a great rest the entire weekend so i guess my energy is back. On the other note, i will be dealing with some errands in few days. Timely, coz i am in my best mood and with the right resources, thanks honey. IN few weeks time, my sister will be taking her board exam and we're so nervous. Who wouldn't? Hopefully she really can make it. She will go home right after their board exam together with some relatives in preparation for our festivity. Some surprises awaits everyone and counting the days off.

I'm just so lucky to have a great man. I don't know what i did.Well, my hubby is calling now. Time to deal on something. Ciao for now.