Sunday, March 11, 2012

- True Love Never Ends -

I remember a friend saying that the last person you think of before you dose off and the first person that comes into your mind the first thing in the morning, is surely the one person that owns your heart. At some point, i now believe in destiny and fate.Its such so amazing how two strange people finally met their roads and fall in love. I never believe in magic but when i learn to love sincerely, i guess its just right to say that i was convinced that love is magic and miracles do come true.I dont want to dwell with anything right now except to just make the most of the memories and excitements that im presently dealing. Im happy for a fact that im in a stress-free relationship and with a man that gave me so much happiness in this world. I never imagine loving unexpectedly and as this intense but it does happen and im so much thankful im in love with an over sensitive man.

For few years having him and building up trust and love, i cant remember a day i really wish its over. I mean i am so amazed how despite distance we manage to keep the flame burning and talking few times a day seems to glorify the love that we're having. I was thinkin the other day what made me love him so much and i couldnt think specifically of one reason why he owns my heart. This is the first time i love with not "ifs", buts and because. Gosh honey, you owe me a lot and like im telling you everyday - i just cant afford to lose you. Not now and not tomorrow.