Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Get Paid to Read Articles

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Should you or Should you not?

I am a member of mylot, and so far i enjoyed joing discussions about anything and everything that matters. In one of my discussions, i asked other members about this thing:

"If your ex tried to rekindle the old flame, will you give him another chance?, well i have great advices from friends, so let me share with you what they said."
"It all depends on several things, I guess. First of all, do you think he would be able to make a change? If he continues with his ways after you get back together, it is going to cause you more heartache and hurt. As such, I feel that you really need to think this very carefully. Secondly, what is he promising you? If he promises to leave all the womanising and be true to you, maybe you should give him a chance. Thirdly, is there any signs of remorse as to what he had done to you? If he shows that he is repentant and makes the effort to treat you better, maybe there is a chance. I have encountered such painful and hurting experience myself. When I accepted him back, I did not specify certain conditions clearly and soon he took advantage of me. But I have been given the strength to pick myself up. Soon enough, retribution was on the way for him. He is still now with me. But he knows now that I won't hesitate to leave him if he repeats his nonsense. You have to got to be prepared to be hurt again, if you give him another chance. Think about what you would do if he does certain things. Are you going to put up with it? You need not tell him what you intend to do, but make it clear that his nonsense is no longer tolerated. Be firm! Be strong! "

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