Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Time to Park

Time for me to rest now, i will wake up early tomorrow, have lots of task lined up, i will jog early morning and we are planning to eat puto at sikwati, so yummmy. Hope i could a have a good sleep. Bye for now and Sweet Dreams!!!!!

Fiesta Galor

The month of May is the among the most awaited season of the year, in our culture May is the month for various activities, thi is usually the month for sportsfeast, santacruzan, fiestas and more. In fact in my place everyday there is an scheduled fiesta celebration especially in rural barangays, people are very happy because they always have schedule on where to take their lunch, since they all have friends in all barangays, then thyre sure enough that someone willl invite them for lunch. Thats one of the values of pinoys that truelly our overseas workers missed especially if they cant go home. Now that i am wroking far from my hometown, i missed the fiesta celebration there, i missed the joy of visiting your friends, i missed the lechon, the drinking session and the rest of the celebration. Indeed, its only here in the Phillipines.

Skin Care101

When i was still on my high school years, i always insist on buying cream for my face, i hate oily face, i hate it when i have lots of pimples. To solve my dilemma, i try a certain cream and and make it a habit to wash my face every night, From that time, i was used to that routine and luckily it turned out great. I am not prone to pimples anymore, thanks to ponds.

Well as i was searching at the net the best way for skin care, might this one helps:

The Basic Beauty Regimen:
1. Cleansing = be careful not to cleanse very often,.it is advisable to use luke warm water when cleansing at night. Cold nor Hot water may clogged pores.
2. Exfoliate = Its a process of removing dead cells of your face, mine i use toner to wipe away the dirt and excess oil.
3. Moisturize = no matter what your skin type is, it is very important that your face be moisturize, i always put moisturizer every night...that became a habit already.
The bottom line here is just proper care of our face, basically its about hygienne, even with no toner or creame or any product for as long as you always cleanse your face everyday, i guess that is one way for great face.

Pouring Opps

A view of my ppp opps, theyre pouring but i cant catch neither one,goodluck to me...heheh
I really wanna catch even just one,pls ppp.