Friday, January 25, 2008

a cute love story

A girl had cancer and she had only one month to live.She liked a boy working in a CD shop very much, but she didnt tell him about her love.Everyday she used to go to the CD shop and buy a CD to talk to him, After a month, she died, the boy went to her house and asked about her, Her monther told the boy that she already died and took him to her room and he saw all CD's unopened and the boy cried....u know why?
He had kept his own love letters inside the CD pack...because he also loves her..
how sad.........

Happy Birthday Bestfriend

Tomorrow is the birthday of my bestfriend..well he said he treat me for a dinner and im so excited for that, David is my bestfriend since college years, we became the best of friends for almost 6 years and so far our friendship has been tested by time,amidst trials and shorcomings our bond is as strong as stone.
Constant communication is one of the reasons why we still survive, he became more of a brother to me than of a bestfriend, i remember during my last birthday, i was really crying so hard because of my break- up, he patiently listen to my grievances and he just cry whenever i cried..heheheh,
I remember on our college years, i was suspended at our scholl because of some policies which i believe was our right as a student and since David was the president he really fight for me, and thu it means something not good for his leadership, he sacrificed it for our friendship.
David is such a one of a kind guy, having him is one of the few memories i wished would not fade.on your birthday, i wish you all the best in life.I want you to be happy, coz i know you deserve it, just remember thu how difficult life may be seems, there would always be people who would be your light to travel in the darkness of life.
and rest assured, im one of the few.

good morning

good morning.....well just want to greet everyone a nice day..
well its already friday, thank god its friday, end of weekdays, for students its the end of assignments and homeworks and for working girls its a hang out time..well so excited for
that,,,"friday night".well have a good day/