Wednesday, March 28, 2012

An Incredible Find

I was watching my favorite show last night when i saw a preview of their forthcoming movies.Ohh well, its great to be home and enjoy some movie marathon. Thats why i love my weekend coz i can just watch my favorite series and munch my favorite popcorn. I now knew the secret of getting a yummy taste of the latter and a melted butter is a great addition. Anyway, i also watched the Sex and City series and promise i am super addicted to it.If not of my work i could possibly tune in to it every episode. So why do we love the revealing and the super modernised theme of the series? Is it because we can relate how liberated woman do or are we just motivated to get some awesome move be it in the field of career or in our personal journey.

Truly, woman are powerful if we only knew our worth. Just imagine, our body is capable of rearing a child and the unique things that only woman can do is enough reason to stay inspired and have the right will.We have some power to change every man and so does the world. Speaking of power, well you might be interested to be part of Miami Escorts. The fun an camaraderie on the said service is exhilarating. Thus giving their clients top and superb escort service. On the other end, if you are a client and looking for escort service Miami, then why do you look further. Theres no reason why you will check other service coz Miami Top Escorts has the best of the best escorts you are drooling about. Dont you realize that having an escort boosts your social life. Not only that, it can also improve your personality especially in dealing with a crowd and clients. So now find the hidden gems of Miami.

A Concert Ticket for Kids Choice Award

Lately, i realised i have so many reasons to celebrate my life. I mean when i count all the blessings that God has bestowed on me, i certainly am amazed how good he is into my life. He is indeed my friend, my savior and my God. Anyway, i am just reading an email from a very good friend. They just migrated to Canada and she told me a lot of stuff that makes me feel excited. How i wish she can invite me for a visit, well, why not? She also mentioned about their weekend plan of watching a concert and she told me that she is looking for kids choice awards tickets, the addams family tickets and huey lewis and the news tickets. I advised her to visit has concert tickets form the kid's choice awards held annually in california and the hit musical adams family based on the tv show plus Concert Huey Lewis & The News Tickets and Information.

Its Super Unpredictable

Yay, the weather is so moody nowadays, now you see the sun now you dont. Perhaps, its the effect of climate change. Its no surprise indeed if flu medicines are becoming short of stocks. My father has flu today so i am just one of the customers of the latter. Speaking of weather, i just had my fair share of it. I was at the mall earlier and i was indeed exhausted transferring from one store to the other and i regret doing some errands today because it will surely just gives me some sick days. Just pick up my personal grocery and bought some mags at the same time i stroll and hang around. Just to breath, My honey told me to relax and i just did.We always need some time to pamper ourself, right?

Anyway, i will be dealing with few paid posts and write articles again. Need to save guys for a special occasion in the next few months. Ciao for now.