Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Website Development, Anyone?

Few days ago, i register with to avail of their web hosting and domain services. I kinda like their site because of the super-bowl offerings to their customers. I realized there are lots and lots of people who are interested in making money in the net by building their own sites. Over time, i learned that there are few advantages of a site who is self hosted, not only of the possible earnings to get but more on creating spaces in the net. In due time, i will be availing of a hosting service. But right now, allow me to talk about website development , have you heard about it already? Im sure you do, because most of the sites we see in the net availed of such service. I am looking forward to know more about this service. What are the pros and cons of availing such kind and possible advantages and benefits. Interested? then its time to get your site a total makeover.

Another Bunch of Tasks

Its unstoppable i guess, i was given another tasks today and i cant complain. Its the thrill of reserving tasks that excites me much everyday.You get to refresh your dashboard and then when you finally get the task, you feels so ecstatic. But there are times that note states "no available slots". Well, its a productive Wednesday again. My friend was able to get some tasks too. I knew i am so stressed now but i just can slip an extra molah now, right guys?

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Im Drained

I am so stressed and drained but i am feeling better knowing that i finished few tasks. I am quite happy that we have finally made it again. I havent taken my dinner yet as my tasks will expire the soonest but now i am done with everything. I just made few bucks from those posts alone. Anyway, its a nice avenue to earn money online. I am really happy because i knew in no time i can have the fruit of my labor, we are planning for a trip to cebu with my dear friend and maybe do some shopping. Well, this is a nice motivation for all of my hardwork and stressed. Hehehe. Anyway, ill gonna go now, ill take my dinner and Thank you guys for all the visits.

$100 is Attainable in 2 days

I realized how its so easy to earn online for as long as you have the skills and patient. lucky is my friend whom i just teach how to earn easy money and mind you, she has $25 already in few days. But of course its not as easy as what everybody think of, i have learn the strategy over time and the knowledge I've learned through patience was indeed worth it. As time passes by, ive learned valuable insights and helpful tips that had been accumulated over time. Every time i am aiming for more, i always put in mind the things i wanted to achieve and to have whether its material thing or something like an achievement. Over and above, i work with passion, determination and with goals that one day i can finally do it. I am happy with all the outcome finally. I am always indebted to my creator for allowing things to happen and for giving me the skills that i knew is my key to be successful someday. To those who wanted to earn in the net, its not always impossible. I have been there and done that with no mentor at all. I just searched and experiment things. With those stuff, i realized i have walked the right path because i have done things in my own and the moments that i failed was my inspiration in finding an avenue that will work. Good luck to our money making journey.

A Productive Day Again

This is another day to rejoice, i was given few tasks again and i feel overwhelmed because just as i thought i couldn't have it again, then i was surprised to see few tasks that are available for grabbing. Well, i couldn't thank enough my best friend, GOD for showering me more blessings now. Thank you for all the things you've done for me. You will always be the one person and will always be the one person i can count on everyday. Hayst, Im sure i will be very stressed today but it doesnt matter. Ill take my lunch now..

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Getting Personal

I admit it, there are moments where i felt i wanted to be private and expose less of my personal issues but there are exclusive times that i wanted to extend my boundaries to share my thoughts, my feelings and my sorrow when i felt so, like this time. This very rare tims where i wanted to go naked as far as my personal stuff and issues are concerned. Maybe there were few posts that i shared, where i talk about my present bundle of joy. Yes i am in a relationship right now. I am attached to a foreigh borfriend for quite sometimes and all through out this days are struggle in maintaining a long distance relationship. Nonetheless, i cant see any issue between us as ive seen how he really works hard to keep the flame burning. Last night after we had a good talk, i realized how lucky i am to have him. A priceless possession that i wanted to take the best of care. The thoughts that no matter how busy he is with work, he still managed to phone me several times a day just to check how im feelin, when im down and now where to load my emotional garbage, he is just a text away and he will isncerely listen to me no matter how childish i am. In times of crises, where i needed someone to lean on, he was the only person who became visible and plan things out. Everyday, i am sometimes in doubt if he is the right man for me coz i am already afraid once more to carry a bag full of regrets but in the same way, every single day he always makes me feel like i am the only woman who matters to him. He may not be perfect in all sense coz we have our own share of arguments and fights, but at the end of the day, his imperfection is fine with me and when i realized i can accept his flaws then i began to accept the fact that he has indeed owned my heart. I hope one day like i always hope before, i can share once a more our story but at that time hopefully it would be a happily ever after ending like every single woman dreamed for. I knew its only Him who exactly knew where he leads my path and as to whom he wanted me to be with but at this very time, i believe im at the right path already. In his arms full of care, protection, loyalty, understanding and above all uncondtional love. It may not be so clear to me what exactly true love is but i believe i am feeling it this time, more than half of what it truly meant.

Friendship and Trust

Its easy to find a friend but its hard to keep it. As the saying goes "No man is an Island". Everyone of us seeks companionship to make this journey worth to remember. And once in this life, we can find a friend and sometimes friends that are not worth of your time. Friendship is tested based on your lifes ups and downs. When one person sticks with you in your odd times, then he is one of the few to keep. But sometimes you tend to disilusioned yourself about being with a true friend and afetr painful circumstance that when you realize, its better to keep off from her. I believe ive been acquinted to few people who have kept their footprints in my life, For one, i had a most trusted friend which i kept in my lifes cabinet all through out my 25 years of existence. We had each other for so long that we forgot the very day we realized, we were best of friends. I guess i have been the very best of friend to her and for sometimes she had been to me. But just recently, a painful realization took place. Though its hard to give a long journey of tested relationship for a petty argument but somehow when you think of the small things that she has done, then you realized that small thing hurt you a lot. There may be no words to explain how i felt about her at this moment coz i am becoming emotional, and i knew where i bound my limitations. I hate to admit that i am hurt and that i am hurtin by the exchange of words in between us, but no matter how i deny the fact that there is something going on between us, it will always goes out and show. I realized a friend can sometimes be negotiable, sometimes its tradable, sometimes its invisible. But more often that not, i want to believe that this is just one of the few tests we had. If it doesnt comes back, to where we were before, then its really meant to part ways. I can never trade a friend coz im a keeper but when circumstances came when TRUST is being a vital issue, sometimes i end up choosing whats good for myself and keeping the lessons in my heart.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

155 Page Views : Chitika - MOney Making Site

I just recently checked my blog stats and amazed to see that i had accumulated 155 page views on my blog post about Chitika. Well, for those who are interested to know more about this Money Making site then i decided to do a follow up post.
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Its easy to sign up as a publisher and as advertiser as well, but what made this site a top pick is that, its easy to get approved.
I have knewn few site owners who are publishing Chitika ads and they were really amazed of ths sites rules and payment scheme. Well, its time for you to sign up and start your journey at Chitika.

Weather Forecast

I woke up around 9 am today and i really thought it was just 5 am because of the dim light that sorrounds my room. I do have a venetian blinds in my room and i always closed the blinds because i dont want to be disturbed by the morning light especially when i felt i need to sleep more. Today i realized i had a long sleep and because i was very tired yesterday i had a nice and sound rest. I was finally awaken when my sis came into my room and get something in my cabinet, i realized it was already late because they were already done with their breakfast. When i checked my phone, my honey pie had already called up several times. I didnt noticed the right because of the tick tack sounds of my clock. I hurriedly went up and check the time, well i am kinda surprised about it because of the weather condition. The clouds is gloomy plus a little rain, its so cold that i am tempted to go back to sleep again. But while i was taking my bath, i noticed a heavy raindrops that really fall so heavily in our rooftop. I realized its not a normal rain because the sounds of the drops irritates my ear. Anyway, before i forgot i check teh weather forecast today. and heres what i found out.


At 2:00 a.m. today, the Shallow Low Pressure Area (SLPA) was estimated based on satellite and surface data at 90 km South of General Santos City (5.2°N, 125.1°E).

Visayas and Mindanao will experience mostly cloudy skies with scattered rainshowers and isolated thunderstorms becoming cloudy with widespread rains over Eastern Visayas and Northeastern Mindanao which may trigger flashfloods and landslides. Luzon will be partly cloudy to at times cloudy with isolated light rains or thunderstorms.

Moderate to strong winds blowing from the Northeast will prevail over Luzon and Visayas. The coastal waters along these areas will be moderate to rough. Elsewhere, winds will be light to moderate coming from the Northeast and East with slight to moderate seas.
Lets Take care guys.

Friday, March 25, 2011

My Personal Meme

I got this from Gvenchi. I love the post so i decided to make my own version. I am just tired of posting surveys, and other blog thingy stuff, so right now, i am kinda posting a personal yet fun get to know me stuffs.

Lets Start:

I know that i should be more responsible now and never take life so easily

I believe that God has best plans for all of us that we should just wait for the perfect time.

I fought for my rights especially when it alreadu about my personal circumstance.
I am angered when people judge other people based on what they see on them.
I love to eat ice cream and chocolates especially if i am stressed
I need a rest right now cause i am stressed for few days.
I take my sister for shopping whenever my budget allows me.
I hear mass regularly to nourish my spiritual life.
I drink wine occasionally.
I hate people who are social climber and pretenders.
I use my charm sometimes to convince other people.
I want a new phone this year.
I decided to take up my course for a new environment.
I like the feeling of being cared and loved especially if it came from a special person.
I am an understanding friend.
I feel great whenever i help other people.
I left some good memories in the past that is hard to forget no matter how i try.
I do not want to get hurt again after the painful break up.
I hope that my present relationship will last forever.
I dream of having my own family in the future.

I drive my car before and i enjoy it.
I listen to NIna's songs every now and then.
I type away depressing thoughts whenever i am bothered by it.
I think every person deserves a happy ending.
I wish I could buy a laptop this year.
I compensate for a lost time with my grandmom by doing the things she likes.
I regret the decisions i made before but now i realized it was all right.
I care about my family health.
I should save this year.
I am not going to give up my battle of giving a comfortable life to my family despite barriers.
I said hurtful wors sometimes but i said sorry immedietly.
I wonder if the richest people still eat dried fish.
I changed my mind constantly.
I cry whenever i heard things that concerns my family.
I am healed now and have forgiven the people who hurt me.
I am happy with my present state, having a great boyfriend.
I lose my temper when people are abusive especially when they think they are greater.
I leave everything in the past.

March Earning - $103.42

THis is my dashboard from one of the sites i joined. My March earning, as of today is $103.42 and mind you most of those tasks, i just finished for two days. This is my easiest way of earning online and i am really so glad that i dont need to maintain a traffic and site pagerank. Anyway, if you're interested to earn in this site, just leave me a comment and ill give you a site url and how i am earning this figure.

Graduation Day

Today is the graduation day of my sister. Although my brother wasnt able to make it due to his busy sched, i still manage to join the family. Thank God my boss was not strict enough and allows me to take an off today. It was a pretty great celebration. My father managed to take a leave though it was a busy week for them. The good thing was, only the honor graduates were able to march with their parents so we really felt so overwhelmed that my sister was included in the cream of the crop. When her name was called and my father came to the stage to put the medal, i felt the joy that my father was feeling at that time. I can feel how the family is so proud and overjoy of the achievement of my sister. Its like a graduation ceremony too of my parents, being able to sent us all to school. To my beloved sister, thank you for the achievement that you've brought to the family. This is just the start of a long journey.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Elizabeth Taylor Died

The Legendary Actress has just died at the age of 79. She was hospitalized for congestive heart failure last February and in mid March, there were reports that she was already in stable condition but last March 23, 2011, she finally joined our creator.

This is an excerpt of the official statement from Taylor's son:

"My Mother was an extraordinary woman who lived life to the fullest, with great passion, humor, and love. Though her loss is devastating to those of us who held her so close and so dear, we will always be inspired by her enduring contribution to our world. Her remarkable body of work in film, her ongoing success as a businesswoman, and her brave and relentless advocacy in the fight against HIV/AIDS, all make us all incredibly proud of what she accomplished. We know, quite simply, that the world is a better place for Mom having lived in it. Her legacy will never fade, her spirit will always be with us, and her love will live forever in our hearts."

Let us pray for her eternal rest.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

An Amazing Day

Things are just perfect for me today. I had several things to do while i am enjoying doing so. I am really saving some bucks right now coz there are things that i need to prioritize. Anyway, I am always grateful that God is showering me more blessings these days. I couldn't ask for more. I knew there are reasons behind the things are given and things that are taken away from us. I always believe that sometime a thing is being taken away from us to make us ready for something big. Have a great day everyone.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Laminated Floors

Just recently, we were hit by a devastating floods. It was really so terrible that we did a superb general cleaning of the house. In one way it was also good because we were able to do a maximum cleaning activity but on the other hand it was very tiring and stressful. I even managed to go to sleep that early because of it. Anyway, our floor now is really messy and i don't like the smell of it. My dad is already complaining because he cant take to see a muddy floor everyday. How i wish our floor is tiled or made up of granite coz i knew it would look fantastic. Our neighbor has a tiled floor so in just a little wiping, the dirt already vanished. They hired someone to do the tiling of their floor. I forgot to ask them how much it took them to do so, i heard of a company who specialize in the service of Laminate flooring install and my friend recommend me to their company. I heard lots of positive reviews and feedbacks from their customers. Might check this out!

Tuesday Meme

Whats with Tuesday? Its maybe just a normal day for us and for everybody but the fact that we were given another day to live this life and share our life with our friends, then it must be something else already. On my way to work, i meet my old teacher. We did had a great time chatting and updating some friends and former teachers. She also told me that they will be having their graduation this coming Friday. I still recall when i was still a student, when this time comes. We will be busy already for our clearances and after that, its vacation time. I love summer because i can do everything i want, play to death and of course we could sleep anytime we want. Its nice to reminisce those old days.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Import Your Blog : From Blogspot to Wordpress

Since i have few blogspot blog and i seldom update my blog at wordpress. I decided to import my other blog in blogspot to wordpress themed blog. Its just easy to do so, For bloggers who wanted to do the same.Try This.

1. Sign in with you wordpress account

2. Go to tools then import

3. You will be asked to authorize the importing

4. Then click the name of blog you want to import to wordpress

THis will be the outcome of your screen as importing goes......

Are You Lovin It?

I juts changed my template because i searched for a more desirable one? Do you love it? Its actually a customized template with of course my favorite color. I love its design, simple yet fantastic. I love how the texts are formatted and wides space for the content of my blog. Good thing ive found this template. Share me your thoughts with my new template.

Chitika is better with Adsense

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I am now looking for a web hosting company and many of my friends encouraged me to try the domain and web hosting service at Im still unsure of what to pick and where to go for a domain and web hosting service. Has anyone here give me some insights as to where to go for web hosting service, tell me its pros and cons and share a bit of information. This will be the first time im going to avail of a self hosted blog. Thank God that i finally made it this year and next month ill gonna get an own domain name for the rest of my blog. Just planning it out now. Anyhow, Happy Monday everyone. Thank God for all the wonderful blessings poured on me. Ciao for now.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

You Must Read This....

Ive been hearing left and right about the possible doomsday in 2012. In forums, this is the most trend question because of what had happend in Japan. Is the tsunami and the monster earthquake says something eles? or possibly this gave hint to the predictions of fortune tellers about the coming end of the world for 2012. I dont know why, but when the movie 2012 was just coming, i really wanted to see the movie not for excitement purposes but for cuirousity's sake. I am curius of the storyline of the movie because i had really read alot far before this movie came into the movie world. I dont want to scare anyone but i am at this hour believed that 2012 may happen and will happen. The movie was terribly shocking. You can see massive of people being wipe out of floods, the world has indeed came into an end. Natural catastrophe may be natural in its sense because as science explains it, there are scientific explanations why these and that happend and its occurence is always supported by terms and explanatiosn based onf scientific data. I studied science and believes in the wisdom of our scientist. But, more or less, i certainly believe in things that science cant explain. Its the power beyond science that natural catastrophe has.
If 2012 has a ground then its time to reflect and if this shocking disasters are just a hint for us, then i guess its time to do something eles. Of course we can never stop the ending of this world and if regeneration is true then possibly this is our last year in this world and by 2013 in our world's calendar, there may be new sets of people who will rule the world with their own way of living and its own history. Our life may come to an end but history repeats itself. What will happen in teh future is still uncertain but what we can do today is what is certain.
Lets figure this out:

World Trade Bombing which was one of the most terrfying terrorists attack hapend last 09/11/2001 while Japan's Monster quake happend last March 11, 2011 or 03/11/11. If were going to add both dates. See what comes out! SCARY

September 11, 2001 or 09/11/01
March 11, 2011 or 03/11/11

if we're going to add these two dates _________

its............. 12/22/12

Is this coincidence?

This Day.... still raining though we expect it as the weather forecast said so, nonetheless it doesnt stops us from doing our laundry. Good thing my laudry was done the other day and if the sun comes up, i wouldnt have problem drying them up. Anyway, i should have take some rest today because i kinda expect a busy days this coming week. We have new clients coming and i will be working with new niches, i have many pending task that need to be done the soonest, in fact i am working for a new task right now but just set aside first because i wanted to do some updates first.
I always love sunday because aside from the fact that we are complete as family, this is also the best time for me to stay at home and sleep the most hours. I could rest really well and bond with my nephews. Its still messy at home, in fact i asked someone to do some cleaning because i dont like the smell of the house after those floods that ht us. Before i end this post, i just wanna share with you how grateful and lucky i am this week and for he coming week. I just closed a deal with a client and so far im doing a project for him until the coming days. well, i just mean one thing, that my online earnings will really be good and hope it will continue. Ciao for now guys and Hapy Sunday!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

After the Rain...

I had been pretty occupied lately. Just for today, i went to downtown to buy our basic necessities and things that i need. I was actually lazy to go there because of the rain but then i need to get the money that honey pie has sent. He was already getting mad that i didnt get it the other day, it was supposed to be for payment of the pension house that he reserved but then due to heavy rain i believe private establishments were closed at that time. Today i was forced to go there and mind you i was shocked to see a lot of people still on flood and some were rescued by speed boats. On our way home, we could still some residents at the street together with their belongings. Indeed, it was a tragic event for all of us. As my honey pie is telling me, i should left at our place and stay in Cebu. I knew i couldnt stay there because i have my family here. We still dont know when he can fixed his travel here and hopefully as early as possible.
I really need to rest tomorrow because i had been working so hard lately, i had been dealing with deadlines and all stuffs that i believe i need to rest. I knew the stress of the flooding has given me much headache and i hope by tomorrow i could have a good rest. Bear with me friends.

Friday, March 18, 2011

My Flooding Experience

This is the second time so far that i experienced such massive flooding in our area. The last one was way back many years ago where i was still in college and the second time was yesterday. To begin with, it was rainy day when i went to office, i had an overtime because of some things to finish and we had a hard time waiting for a jeep so it took us few minutes before we got a ride. Anyway, when i arrived home i was so wet because of the heavy rain, though i can sense that the water may rise cause of the situation and the amount of rainfall that had been going out lately. But i was still positive that it wont happen, its march and rainy season is way back on December. Unfortunately, i was awaken by a noise at midnight because of some evacues from the neighborhood. We were told by my father to prepare and packed up the things we need just in case the water rise tremendously, and it did in just a few minutes. I wasnt able to sleep that night no matter how sleepy i am and no matter how tired i am, physically. Since theres no way i could rest, i just stayed at the hall which was just infront of the house to have shelter temporarily. i informed my hubby about whats going on and because he was so worried, he called up really lots of times to ensure my safety. He looked for pension houses and hotels that we could possibly shelter but then they were fully booked and some were already too far from my place. Until the following day, he monitors my whereabouts so as to know that i am really doing fine.
I absolutely canot give a word to describe him than a supportive boyfriend. He really didnt left me even in a single minute. I knew how busy he was but then he sets aside his work just to be with me regardless of the distance. There were times that we argued, and there were hours that i ry of desperation by which he comforst me by all means. Today was a new day to all of us, no floods anymore, no muds and no worries, at least. But then, this is a day which i could thank no less to my honey pie. Thank you for everything, for the support, for the care, for the patience and for every inch of the way that you become and became visible in joy and in my life's pain. I love you i all aspect of love and i hope to see you really soon.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

We Were Flooded

It was shocking, it just came so easily that we didnt noticed that its already at our doorsteps. Thats how fast the flood goes to our home. It was in the mid of night that people seems to feel panicked because of the heavy rain. The water outside seems to be increasing and we just thought it was just an ordinary rain. My mom who had been listening to the radio told us that our neighboring towns we're already flooded and that some roads where no longer passable. If i am not mistaken it was just a one day non stop rain and thats how bad it goes. Anyway, i do hope that water will subsides the soonest.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Home Improvement

If money is no problem i really want to do some extensive renovations at home. I wanted to change our paintings, put more divisions at our kitchen, remodel our house and of course put a decent flooring. I always dream of having a comfortable home but then as of now there are some priorities that needs to be taken first before that. I understand that all of us dreams to have a wide spaced home, a car and even a house that could can be proud of. If i can do some improvements by now, it woudl probably be Tile flooring because i always admire a floor whic is tiled cause it brings a different glow into the eyes. Its clean and gives visitors an appreciation and admiration to the house. As of now, its a priority that hopefully can be done real soon. When i visited my friends house, ive seen how their flooring was made. It was tiled and the color is just right to colors of their walls. I love to pick light colors cause it will give a feeling of serinity to the home. Well, how soon could i do the renovation, is that very soon? Time could tell and my finances. So far, i still need to save for my sisters review, in time everything will be at the right place hopefully.

With Flying Colors

We'e been tagged as twins for quite sometimes now because according to some friends we have some similarity. No wonder, we can be looked alike because most of the time we've been together. Sharing laughters, nonsense stories, exchange of thoughts and of heartaches most of the time. She's all ive had and its only me that she has in terms of companion, bestfriend and a sister. We've gone through a lot and our family's journey was never been the best nor a path of bed of roses. We are also the typical family who underwent trials, tribulations and name it, we've been through it. We've been through the eyes of judgemental people, we heard the most painful insult, we've gone through the worst trials a family could ever had, but we went through all of this through prayer. The solid relationship that our family has was the only arm that we knew to combat people who wanted us down. We were still so young when our family faced a lot of trials. For one, my father decided to leave his high paying job because of management conflict, my mom faced painful trials and suddenly we became the center of peoples insults, judgement and everything they could ever imagined and tagged with our family. As young children, we couldnt do otherwise but to just swallow all those painful words but our father has never get tired of reminding us to be humble always. I coundt remember of a day we never prayed as family.
The financial crises we faced was so terrible that it came to a point that we coudnt pay even our electril bill just to pay our tuition fees. We never mind anymore our neighborhoods hearsay about us because we wanted to finish our studies, in all means. Good thing, my brother graduated and had easily look for a job. He was the one who financed the schooling of my younger brother while i was a scholar in my college years. After quite sometime, i graduated too from bachelor degree and i managed to be one of the cream of the crop of the graduating class and soon find a job too. In God's mercy, my younger brother has finished his management degree and is now looking for a job.
This year, its our younger sister's turn. After 5 years of studying, she has now reached her final destination in her degree ( Bachelor of Science in Accountancy). And just lats night, she informed us that she is one of the cumlaude of the class. The family was really in deep joy cause its no easy to be one and we felt so proud that she is part fo our family. My tatay was really overjoy and cried when he heard the news coz finally, his duty as parents has come to an end and he fullfill it with flying colors. No amount of words could ever described the sacrificed he gave to us and to our family. The times he would do all the part time jobs just to meet both ends. The days we would just choose to live with no electricity because the tuition fees are more important and now it's time to reap the fruit of hard earned labor. My parents dont have any resources or inheritance that they could have from their parents. They only have us as their wealth and im proud of the fact that we've been the best daughters and sons to them as they are the most treasured parents for us.
I certainly believe that your family is your basic support system and its all that you have. In joy and in pain, they will just be the people who will remain constant in loving you and in taking good care of you. My family maynot be the best in the world, my parents may not be as good as the rest, my sisters and brothers may have some unkind deeds for sometimes but at the end of the day they are the people i will love, i will treasure and will forever be priceless untl the end of time.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Whats Wrong?

I dont know whats wrong with inpostlinks. I just reserved an opps from them and the standard says that i have at least 6 hours before it will finally expired. Unluckily when i check it out, its no longer in my reserved area. I am just wondering why is it happening, are they facing system breakdown right now? This is the second time i encounter such mess. I really want to leave a customer feedback but i still have no time for noe, Do you encounter such things too? So how would you exactly know if it is really a qualified opp and not just a system mess. WEll, i trust inpostlinks and i knew these are just few mess but i do hope they can settle this real soon. Do have same experience with me?

Monday, March 14, 2011


When can you say enough is really enough? When can you finally decide to cut the string? When you feel its finally so painful that being there or to continue doing it will really break your heart. I guess i haven't shared with you guys the story of my friend, who had fell in love, get pregnant but faced separation. The guys was her first love so all the fantasy's of a happy ending story was all she imagined. Until she came faced to faced with the sad reality, that life is not a fairy tale book, that life is also cruel, a bit. She found out that the guy he loved most is in love with somebody else and he choose to leave her to be with that girl. The heartaches she faced was fatal, i was really there when she was dying to death and even attempted to commit suicide but prayer has enlighten her. We advised her to attend recollections and to pray often. And now, she was finally healed. After a year, she choose to lived life with her son separately and leave the memories behind. After a year, she met a lawyer from Australia and the man married her and they stayed at Australia for good. This things are quite different from what we want and what we expects in life but one thing is sure, God has marvelous plans for us, when you choose to give up, its by way of saying - you are open for something better.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Japan's Quake

The whole world had seen a real time disaster that gave us a new picture of what tragedy is all about. Some may have seen devastating photos of the 8.9 eartquake while others may had been watching in their respective television while waiting for updates for tsunamis or somehow by after shocks of the moster quake. While some of us were lucky that we were safe from that disaster but people from other parts of world are in deel pain for lost of some lives and homes. I was able to see footage of the devastating earthquake and i have seen at CNN how tsunamis reached the coastal town of one of Japan's town. I was in awe because in just a minute, the floods had reached the city and after an hour, the place turned to be a muddy and messy place far from its original picture. There were cars bumping from each other, boats who hit the bridge while they were being carried away by running watre and of course people looking for rescue, raising whitel cloth to signals rescuers that they need help. I personally feel pity to the current scenario of japan, the once powerful nation has suddenly changed its fate, in just a second.
Let us all pray for the people who were hit by the earhquake and also for the past recovery of Japan. In this battle, theres no strong arm than prayer - to heal the people and to guide us and protect us from all disasters and tragedys.

The Funeral

I just arrived from Kim's funeral which was scheduled this afternoon. It was well attended by friends, relatives and collegues of Kim. There was a power point presentation which was indeed made the crowd cry. All of the dearest people of KIm had the chance to talk and everyone shared their memories with my friend. But my heart was really so touched when Kim's bf talked and shared their wonderful memories. It was the time i realized that there is still one person in this world who has serious intentions towards their girlfiend. Ive thought that boys are not that showy in terms of their love and affection to the people they loved but i was wrong coz he cried in front of us and tell the whole world that he loved Kim so much and that his world revolves around her. I was touched of their relationship and how death came to separate them. Indeed, this journey is not unlimited unlike texts and calls in the mobile world. Coz our journey is set by the time God wants us to be here and the missions we are here for. Kim;s mission in this wolrd may already been fulfilled but the people she touched when she was still alive, still remains at their heart, our heart and the heart of the people she once had.
We will miss you Kim and May you rest in peace.

Saturday, March 12, 2011


Im sure everyone wants to win a lotto,right? In fact almost all of us here dreams to win the lottery and buy the world. Yes, thata how exaggerated our aspirations are but indeed if destiny permits us to become a millionaire someday, then im sure we will be one of the luckiest person in this world. Ive known such lucky person who happens to win the lottery for quite a few times. He was indeed so lucky that it was not only once but three times that he was able to win large bucks and became instant millionaire. Im sure some would question why most of us would want to have an instant money, and who woundt perhaps? The financial crises that the world is facing maybe is the core reason why people just wanted to bet in this game than look for a job. But dont worry youre bet will never turn into waste because national lottery tickets are regulated by proper authorities and rest assured that they draw the game fairly. Its not a new issue anymore as to questioning the credibility of the game draw but this time lets be assured that there are certain standards and regulations that are set so come up with fair-squared game. Now did u bet today? i hope you did, coz maybe tomorrow,its another day and its your most lucky day. Goodluck gamers.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Need a Law Firm?

There will really come a time that we will be face with legal issues. I understand that not all of us are familiar with legal terms and the law in general. That is why a person when he is faced with a crime is provided with a defense lawyer and on the other side is a council which is known as their prosecutor. Both councils contitute a lawyers who are really expert in that field. For instance, there are lawayers who's specialization is more on criminal laws, there are for taxation and the rest maybe for other fields. Some lawyers have also a lawfirms, on which they can accept certain cases depending on their field of specialization. I knew how tough the job of a lawyer because i have a friend who belongs to that profession. He was complaining how hard is it to gather data and to formulate the case. It is indeed helpful if a lawyer belongs to a certain law firm because there are more lawyers who woudl do the brainstorming. Speaking of law firms, i have heard of a lawfirm that specializes in Indiana Banrkuptcy Law and according to some reviews they offer great service and their firm has already a track record in terms of bancruptcy law. If only my friend who lives in Indiana knows about them, im sure she can settle her business problems very well, with no hassles. Anyway, if you need their expert advice. Just visit their site.

Whats your Facebook Status?

Facebook is the most popular social media avenue in the world. You can easily see updates of your friends and even browse for your classmates. But, did you know that Facebook then was just intended for Harvard Students. Check their history:

Mark Zuckerberg wrote Facemash, the predecessor to Facebook, on October 28, 2003, while attending Harvard as a sophomore. According to The Harvard Crimson, the site was comparable to Hot or Not, and "used photos compiled from the online facebooks of nine houses, placing two next to each other at a time and asking users to choose the 'hotter' person".

Mark Zuckerberg co-created Facebook in his Harvard dorm room.
To accomplish this, Zuckerberg hacked into the protected areas of Harvard's computer network and copied the houses' private dormitory ID images. Harvard at that time did not have a student "facebook" (a directory with photos and basic information). Facemash attracted 450 visitors and 22,000 photo-views in its first four hours online.[12][14]
The site was quickly forwarded to several campus group list-servers, but was shut down a few days later by the Harvard administration. Zuckerberg was charged by the administration with breach of security, violating copyrights, and violating individual privacy, and faced expulsion. Ultimately, however, the charges were dropped.[15] Zuckerberg expanded on this initial project that semester by creating a social study tool ahead of an art history final, by uploading 500 Augustan images to a website, with one image per page along with a comment section.[14] He opened the site up to his classmates, and people started sharing their notes.
The following semester, Zuckerberg began writing code for a new website in January 2004. He was inspired, he said, by an editorial in The Harvard Crimson about the Facemash incident.[16] On February 4, 2004, Zuckerberg launched "Thefacebook", originally located at[17]
Six days after the site launched, three Harvard seniors, Cameron Winklevoss, Tyler Winklevoss, and Divya Narendra, accused Zuckerberg of intentionally misleading them into believing he would help them build a social network called, while he was instead using their ideas to build a competing product.[18] The three complained to the Harvard Crimson, and the newspaper began an investigation. The three later filed a lawsuit against Zuckerberg, subsequently settling. Source : Wikipedia


Now it has reached almost 600 million users worlwide and in fact the most visited sites daily. One of the most talked about feature in Facebook is its, Status version. I love how they made it so simple yet so touchy. When you choose in a relationship status, then your Gf/BF will be linked to your page. Quite romantic, right?

So, Whats your Facebook Status?


I am a little bit pissed because i was able to grab an opp in one of the site i joined. However when i tried to check it at the reserved page, it wasn't there. My goodness, i don't know what is happening with the system. I am really sure that i have reserved it and worst i made a post already in my blog. How i wish, it would come back. Anyway, if it didn't, its really not meant for me.Later tonight, we are planning to visit the friends wake. She just arrived yesterday and so we decided to come over tonight. Im sure there are plenty of friends that we will meet there. We are schoolmates and became good friends when i worked at Cebu. Her death was really a shocking news to everyone because she was pretty healthy the last time we met. She died the other day and the funeral will be at Sunday. My brother will also be going home to attend the funeral. To Kim, may you rest in peace. We will surely missed you.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

A Domain and a Webhost Provider

Recently i am looking for a Webhost provider because i wanted to have my blog self hosted. I now realize the importance of having your blog hosted and of course with an own domain name. Before, i often wondered why my blogger friends look for a webhost company, but after few years of blogging i can now see a clearer picture of its benefits and advantages. Anyway, as of this time i am still undecided which one to avail of, my friend recommended me to hostmonster and my other friend wanted me to try at go I wish someone can enlighten me which is the best as far as their experience with them are concerned. I heard a lot about but im afraid that it might be something too technical for me that i cant do it successfully. I wish you could help me out guys to choose the best provider for me.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

A Pay to Review Site that really Works

Bloggers, are you looking for a site that pays you larger than life bucks? well read this post.
Recently a site was born to address the dilemma and worries of bloggers in maintaining their online income. Its a typical get paid to review site but the advantage of joining here is that youll get larger monetary rewards and plus their payment is up to date. My first post with them was amazing, i was awarded as an outstanding postie and they gave me $25 dollars which was credited on my account that month immedietly. I was quite amaze of it and became an avid supporter of them. Wish to join? SEE HERE

Twitter Rift

The talk of the town today is about the exchange of tweets between Angelica Panganiban and the AZKALS player Phil Younghusband. I actually didnt know the issues in between then until ive watched last saturday an entertainment show and there they tackle the issue about them. Well, good thing i have this avenue to express my thoughts and opinion about this. First, i didnt like the comment and tweets of Angelica because i believe she has no right to question or to meddle with whatever business Phil has. Second, if theres AZKALS players are doing some interviews or they expres their admiration to a celebrity, then she has no business with it and that she better keep mum. Its like she is creating an issue and bad publicity for herself to be talk about. I knew social media is really very influential at present, and who doesnt lives here without its influence but nonetheless its no excuse to be irresponsible nor to maligned someone. I certainly want to stand out with my belief that tweeter is created because of an agenda for the betterment of everyone. the pros and cons of teh sites depends solely oh how we use this avenue, whether for our personal gain or for its adverse side. This social media became and avenue too to air out our thoughts and rants. It puts an equality among people in the world, whether you are celebrity or just an ordianry person, you can open an account and do what a celebrity does, we are all equal here. Your tweets is your resposnsibilty and it may also be used for you, against you and about you. When you started something that drew a line about the kind of persona you are portraying then expects that people may used it against you, no offensement. I cant see the reason why Angelica is reacting on the counter tweet of AZCALS fan when she started it out.
At the end of the day, i do hope this incident will serves as a lesson not only to the celebrities but to all social media user, whether its facebook or tweeter or anything, it also shows that its not only the celebrities who have the right to open up their thoughts, we can too. Being responsible to our actions is a proactive move. Over and above, whether your thoughts is no good or will bring goodness to one, lets take the responsibility of it and stand for it. Nonetheless, lets not forget to act beyond our territories.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Promoting your Business

This time lets talk about business venture, are you thinking of investing on something? I believe you are, but the only impediments are capital and other resources, right? I understand how you feel but there are a lot of means to start on your own. In fact, there are online businesses that requires just a petty capital and what is just needed are hard-work and more on time. I presumed any business needs that. Anyway, managing a business is no easy. As far as my friends telling me how their investments eat their time. They are complaining on how their schedules are so hectic that they cant visit their spa and parlor appointments. But its true, you should give your utmost time and of course do some strategies to reach your product to the widest spread possible. One of the marketing strategy you can consider, is putting a logo to your product or to the company. This is like a branding strategy, its vital so that people could easily recognize the company. If you haven't done that yet, browse for some custom logo design now and do some ordering soon. I believe that this way of putting brand recognition is by way a good strategy to promote your product even to far places. There are still things you can do for marketing such, but the most important tip is to give the customer the utmost service or product quality in particular.

Hows your Saturday?

Any plans for this day, might be shopping? or attending a party? well its quite a good idea. Saturday parties are also fun. As for me, i am just working here. The rest of my siblings are just at home enjoying their weekends. They'll surely be having movie marathons or any activities that they think will be fun. For me, Saturday is the best day of the week because you can do the things you cant do on weekdays. Its nice to go out with friends too, drinking sessions or even going to the beach for picnics and hang outs. I missed my usual Saturday hang outs but i am enjoying life now, so be it. Happy weekend guys!

Friday, March 4, 2011

Lets Talk About Flooring

Flooring is one of the most important aspect in any house. That is the why most of the house go for tiling and some uses carpets to make their floors presentable. I am not an exception to this kind of thinking, i also believe that to have a wonderful floor you need to put a concrete and shiny kind of flooring. Using tiles is a good choice but because some can afford to have one, they prefer putting carpets on it. Carpets is also a good choice because it provides a comfy feeling in the feet. But mind you guys, ive found a good home improvement service company for Carpet replacement.Its flooring by Sears Home Improvement, They do carpeting, laminate, granite, vinyl, or hardwood flooring installation. I'm sure if you want to avail of their service, you'll completely love about what they will do in your floor.They provide quality home flooring that only them can provide. I'm sure you will agree with me that almost all of the home improvement company will promise or give you flowery words about the kind of service they are giving, but in this company. Their output tells it all.

Web directory

When we normally forgot the telephone number of a friend or our dentist, we usually look for a telephone directory to know his/her number. In an internet arena, there is also the so called "web directory". So what exactly is this and how does it helps an ordinary web browser?

A web directory is a directory on the world wide web. Sounds simple, right? This is not a search engine nor a browser as what everybody thought about, instead its a list of websites arranged in category and sub category. I am normally a browser of a web directory because i find it a helpful tool especially if i need some help on a certain things. When you forgot the number of your bank, your repair shop and even browse for some stuff you need that you cant remember where to go.

Web directory review

One of the sites i always stumble is business web directory where i find lists of the business establishments in town. Normally i am inquiring about possible job opportunity or business franchises. My friend was able to franchise a burger stall using here, it was really a big help on her so she recommends the site on me. But, for general browsing you can visit this web directory
business listing. Its a detailed listing and i love how they arranged the links according to the nature of the business and address.

Jasmine answers all your sites queries. You can see the listings arranged in categories.Its 100% and SEO friendly. It has W3 css and HTML valid. It has an automatic thumbnail with 5 deep urls. This is why it remains my top choice despite plenty of web directory sites that offers and promised a good service.Most of the directories are very general in scope but what is amazing in this web directory is that its lists has wide array of categories which made the user easy to navigate and find.

What then are you looking for, bookmark it in your desktop.

Romantic Ideas for your Hubby

"Precious it is for diamond, Priceless it is for love"

There are different things you can do to make your partner happy. Some would book a cruise and some may even avail for a vacation. Though, its quite helpful to create a loving environment for you both but did you know that there are priceless things that you can do to make your hubby felt so special. Wondering how you can do that without even investing a penny. Well here's my advised:

- Give her a specially wrapped box and with a note inside saying " This gift vouchers entitles you to an entire day pleasure with say your name" spend some time with her. Treat her as a queen. You can cook for her or prepare something like a candle light dinner.

Its quite simple yet unforgettable. There are so many ways to make your hubby felt so special. Even the most ordinary thing but done with love will change things.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Email Marketing

I worked as a sales specialist and for some point i touched areas of marketing. The field itself is very broad considering the market share you wanted to touch and later on dominate. Marketers has different strategies to dominate most of the shares in the industries and some would eventually end of competitors and apply unique trends and go for strategies that will boosts for an upsurge sales. Nonetheless, different fields requires different marketing strategies. In the field of world wide web, there is the so called email marketing, which allows you to broadcast your product to everyone at internet speed. You might try email campaigns to avail of such strategy. They are experts in email marketing type of campaigns and have been proven and tested in the market.Initial campaign response generally occurs within 48 hours of launch. This will gives you an assurance that your product will be seen in just an hour. Availing of such is indeed a good option if you wanted to boosts your revenue. I certainly agree that internet is the best method in marketing or selling your product and email marketing is the best tool for now to materialize your dream of a great sale in a year.