Sunday, July 29, 2012

Quick Update

Just leaving some quick notes and without much to say so im sharing my shout-out at FB: (sorry busy eh)

You are in a relationship to be happy, to smile, to laugh and to build good memories :) Im so blessed to really have you in my life. Thank for for caring me, protecting me and loving me. Happy to be committed :)
Maybe that explains all why im smiling without reason(lol). I don't know if its true with you guys but when you just think of your partner it simply changed your perspective and everything.I regret having had a chaos lovelife before but i understand more why it was purposely done. Now that i am protected by a loving man, i can't ask for more but world peace (hehehe).I really hope people will learn to be happy for someone else. It takes a lot of magic but the world is so great to be wasted on nonsense stuff. Love..Love..Love.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

22K Gold Plated Designer Necklace Giveaway

My eyes glitters when i read this post from a friend. I immediately checked if its true, oh my it is indeed!!!. So here i am sharing with my blogger friends.

This giveaway is sponsored by Shlomit Ofir Jewellery Design and is open worldwide.Her's a short glimpse about the owner:

Shlomit Ofir is a young jewellery designer. In her designs, Shlomit captures daily "snapshots" as if stopping time and turns them into a carefully crafted piece of art: a small bird on a branch, spring flowers blooming, the sharp lines and shapes seen on an urban horizon or a piece of beautiful detailed lace from an old dress. Her items are composed of gold and silver plated metals combining pearls, semi-precious stones and techniques such as enameling, patina methods and chemichal etching.

Going back, To join this giveaway Here's How:

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And Finally, The Price:


What are you waiting for, join now!!!!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Dad Of The Week - Winner

Last week, i submitted an entry for a Dad of the Week contest hosted by It was really a surprise that we earned the most public votes and thanks to my family and friends who never hesitated in sharing to their wall about our entry. I just read about the contest from a forum and timely i was not doing anything that time so i submitted an article about my dad. The following day i was paid $10 for the submission and the staff of the website was really accommodating especially Sir Ryan. He really encourage me to campaign for my dad so as to earn more votes.


After i receipt the email from the staff, i immediately told my sister to post on her wall about my entry. Gladly she did and so as my brothers and some of our closest friends. We just had 5 days to campaign and we were really sending offline messages to some of our classmates and friends. Its the thrill of getting the No.1 spot and of course its the instant $50 that we can get (to treat my dad) that really motivates us. Friday came, the public votes of my dad tied with an entry from Virginia and we really have to get more votes. My brother sent some more offline messages to some of his friends and finally Saturday night we were already ahead by 8 votes. It was the first time we joined with such online contest and what amazed me is the fact that my family members is indeed supportive in anything that we do. Anyway, im happy to share to my readers that my dad was chosen as the dad of the week for the last week's contest and the prices are as follows:
Every week day a Dad will be chosen as Dad of the Day by our editorial staff based on numerous factors and be featured on the front page of Public visitors will then be able to vote for Dads that they feel deserve the recognition as Dad of the Week. The Dad of the Day with the most votes by midnight on Saturday of that week will automatically be chosen the winner and be recognized as Dad of the Week and win $50 cash to be spent on the family or given to a charity of their choice.

By the way here is the final votes we earned as of Midnight of saturday:


Well, i encourage my readers to join. You can submit your entry here.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Win $50 in Cash - No Sweat

HI folks, you might be interested in winning a no sweat $50 instantly or earn few bucks in just submitting your entry. If you're interested leave me a message.

Here are the mechanics:
1. Write a story about your dad, your husband or someone you know who is potential to be featured.
2. We'd prefer specific stories of something a Dad has done.
For example if a Dad saved his son from a flood, or fixed up a car for
his daughter to go to school, etc. Just pictures or a video is fine
3. Leave me a message if you're interested. There is also a compensation even just for an entry.

Random Thoughts

Well, i figured i need to leave some updates here. I forgot doing so until a good friend reminds me this morning. Anyway, like i said i had a busy day. From dealing with a variety of errands and dealing with a lot of stuff. This week, my dad underwent a minor operation specifically dealing with his metabolic problems. Settling some medical expenses is really not an easy venture. As my dad told us, if one has no money there's no other means than to bear the pain. Thanks to our Provider for making things easy for us. It also helps that God provides and that HE didn't leave us alone. Now my dad. is doing fine already. There was no infection or worst stuff seen. He is under medication and we already bought all of his prescribed medicine courtesy of my brother. The hubby takes charge of the operation and the professional fees of his doctors and hopefully, my dad will get better. I have mentioned in my sites how my partner was so worried and in just a text away he would immediately do something as he knew i was in a bad spot. I am really thankful that i had this kind of man and my dad tearfully thank him that HE is never hesitated in helping my loved ones in all of our crises and endeavors. I also want to thank the Provider for continuously answering all my prayers and for making things possible. Really, i would rather just deal with other stuff not just facing a sick loved one whom i can't do nothing. Its so hard.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Sandwiches with Needles!!!

Opps, do you love taking your breakfast while on board? Then im sure you will have a second thought on your next travel. Reuters reported about an incident by which the sandwiches were found to have had a sewing needles? Ahhh, what? Yes, you heared it right, it caused an injury to one passenger after she accidentally deal a thing with the needle.

NEW YORK (Reuters) - Delta Air Lines Inc said it was working with federal authorities after what appeared to be sewing needles were found in food on four U.S.-bound flights that left Sunday from Amsterdam, injuring one passenger.
The needles were found in sandwiches made by the airline's Amsterdam caterer, Gate Gourmet, Delta spokeswoman Chris Kelly said in an email Monday. The FBI and Netherlands officials are investigating, Delta said.
"Delta is taking this matter extremely seriously and is cooperating with local and federal authorities who are investigating the incident," the airline said in a statement.
"Delta has taken immediate action with our in-flight caterer at Amsterdam to ensure the safety and quality of the food we provide onboard our aircraft," the statement said.
One person on a flight to Minneapolis was injured but declined medical treatment.
A suspected sewing needle was also found in a sandwich by a passenger on an Atlanta-bound flight. A U.S. air marshal found another while flying on another Atlanta-bound flight.
Another apparent needle was found aboard a Seattle-bound flight in a sandwich that had not been served.
Gate Gourmet is a subsidiary of Swiss-based gategroup Holding AG, one of the largest independent global providers of airline passenger products and services.

From: Yahoo News

Saturday, July 14, 2012

The Ideal Family Car


We all love the family unit and are proud to b part of one. Most families have some activities that they plan and purpose to accomplish in any given year. In most family diaries, you will find a vacation at least once a year. The vacation is in most cases allocated during the holiday periods and most people visit various destinations. For most families, they rent a car for the purpose of the trip. However, when you visit infiniti dealers you will discover that it can actually be cheaper to buy a second hand car rather than renting one. The Infiniti G37 Coupe is a good choice for a family car. You should start shopping for your ideal car well in advance before your vacation. The beauty of shopping in advance is that you will not be rushed and you will find a perfect car that you can test drive in good time before your road trip kicks off. In most cases, if you buy a second hand car, many people desire to have some modifications so as to suit their preference. There are so many companies that are making so much money from those who rent cars. You will not notice how much money you spend on renting a car until you calculate it. 

Much as it seems to be cheaper while you are at it, you will later on discover that you have spent more money than you would need to buy a second hand car that is in good shape. When you have internet at your disposal, then it becomes even easier to shop for a car without being rushed. The process of buying a car can be quite demanding and confusing and you need an expert to guide you on the same. This will ensure that you understand the capabilities and efficiency of any car that you buy.

Friday, July 13, 2012

Don't Measure the Distance

"True love doesn’t mean being inseparable; it means being separated and nothing changes"

A lot of things had been said about long distance relationship and always its the pain of being separated and unable to see his face when you wake up each morning that become a struggle to every partner. There are formulas out there that works but still its in each couple's persistence and understanding that counts much in the end. Like ours, its always a struggle each passing day to live like even your partner is apart. Whenever special occasions are celebrated you have to bear the pain of celebrating it with a happy heart even if you long for him that much. But then, its such a courageous act being able to surpass it with a firm commitment and loyalty. In fact, i still believe that being loyal to your partner is an individual's choice. I've known few couples who haven't' able to survive the tests and end up separated. I don't think each of one of them has valid reasons, i more want to view it as failure to survive with the test of commitment. You see guys, love doesn't promise a bed of roses all the time, thorns are everywhere.

Every couple should know how to endure pain, survived even with hardest obstacles and of course should also make the flame burning no matter how aged your relationship is. I remember a love problem i was listening to last night. It talks about infidelity and she was dealing with a common relationship tests of moving on despite her knowing of his husband love affair. I understand how the woman felt at that time. She confessed she was nagging at her husband whenever the latter will take some vacation. It was not an easy tests for them yet i admire her courage to really battle for their couple-some. Accepting your husband despite what had happened is not just a decision that involves an easy nod, its a heart matter that takes a crying moments and a lot of understanding. Yet, the long distance love affair survived because they choose to. She accepted her partner and understands more than choosing to be understood by him. It was such a brave move and now that her husband is sailing, she can;t guarantee that it wouldn't happen again yet she caps her story by telling her listeners that she would be willing to give her another chance, a dozen of chance if it needs one. How she managed to do that, she loves him and her love can do even the impossible.

It was so inspiring and the story of long distance love affair is always a tale of bravery and a lot of patience most of the time. Yet, its such great to retell it with a happy heart especially if you survived a love battle. Like them:

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Real Soon :)

I wondered whether good things really do happen to me, because after you were given to me, we have to be on opposite ends of the earth. Now, I know that they do happen, because being with you, for just one second, is the best thing that I have ever been blessed with.

I dont know how to start this post, im missing my partner so much. If i really have one wish now, its to see him and be with me. How lonely is the world when youre other half is across the world but then im still grateful that despite the distance, i still want to wake up every single day for just the thought that somewhere, someone is missing me, wanting me and will protect me. For everything that you lay down the card for, for all the mishaps that we survived and for giving me a one of a kind feeling i never felt in anyone before, thank you mahal. Looking forward in seeing real soon :(

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Checking Out!!!

Ohh folks, its a rainy saturday yet the weather is just ideal for me. Its not that hot unlike before. Anyway, im dorpping by since i forgot to buy some med for my father and he badly needs it today. I figured, its been quite a while since i last post an update here, well im again dropping some lines and thank God i can just give some personal updates no matter how nonsense it is. Anyway, like i said i just picked up some grocery today since i run out of budget. Although, my hubby sent me a weekly allowance, there are times that he sent few times in a week especially if i have unexpected expenses. He checked on before he went to sleep if i get some groceries and when he finally found out that i was at the city he was satisfied. Hayst, i pity's my honey's pocket for fixing most of the things for us. Yet, im just thankful that i have that kind of partner. Well, trust is built once you have surpassed mountains of love tests and perhaps only one common rule applies, he knew from the very day we met that i will never betrayed him and thus, i can say i earn his trust.

More than anything else, i knew that i am protected and love by a man who isnt just a shadow but a man of honor. That simply made a huge difference :)

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Short Update

Well, i have no choice but to leave something to share with my readers. I dont want to just skip updating as im afraid ill lose my PR. Anyway, i managed to get so much sleep today and i love feeling rejuvinated. I knew ive been working so hard the past few days yet i just dont want to view it as a complian, id rather say, im blessed enough to be given such online loads. In any case, im waiting for another clients for some links a my niche site. Well, the latter is so much of help these days. I really didnt think ill have a good return of investment, so to speak and im enjoying my choice. So, as ive mentioned, i have another site coming, a niche site in aprticular. I already have the domain and im in the midst of working on its contents. Hopefully, i can launch it in less than a month.Well, my newest site ate my time these days. Aside from the fact that im doing some articles so its quite a busy days for me. Hopefully, things will be rewarded at the right time.

So, while waiting for the hubby to come online let me just share with you some short notes. Till Here

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Rainy Thoughts

Just arrived from the church and the sermon was highly enlightening. I was thinking just to skip my Sunday service but i just can't. I want to visit HIM too and for all the blessings and guidance HE bestowed on me, i dont think ill skip on thanking HIM. For now, allow me to just leave some sunday thoughts to just get rid of some chaos links..hehehe.

Hopefully, ill be productive again this month of July, more direct clients and of course more opportunities coming. I will be reporting to work tomorrow and be fixing some errands for my hubby so ill have a busy day. I have some broker to respond with too and hopefully, i can get close some deal tomorrow.

I have some exciting news and thoughts to share but it deserves another post..wink***