Monday, January 24, 2011

Just an Update

Im not in the mood to share, but i knew its my responsibility to give my readers a happy moment as possible. Nevertheless, im always thankful that the boyfriend is there for me. No matter how busy he is and no matter how moody i am. He just dont fail every single day to check if im doing okey or any problem i am facing with, in fact i just had my share of my moody days and i knew i can always count on him.I wonder why he is so good to me, always and almost. In fact, he is insisting that i should go back to Cebu and stay at the apartment that he looked for. He actually asked someone to look for a home where we could possibly maintain together and a housekeeper, he was able to find a housekeeper already and had myself interviewed the later. But i certainly not enjoying the place there and as of now i wanted to be at home first. He just called up today and i end up ranting about someone, he just end up listening to me and the sweetest thing, he would always makes me feel that he is always for my side. He then insisted to call up later tonight and talk again, hehehhe. But at the end of the day, i am always grateful that i have him in my life. No other person and hubby and honey that i wanted for in my life except and him and him alone. I wish he could arrange things up so that he could come earlier this year. To honey pie, thank u for always being there for me. Im always grateful that its you that i end up with and from the day i promised to be with you until this very day and until the very last day, i will always vow for a commitment with you - a shared love and a coupledom far matured and tested by time.