Sunday, October 23, 2011

On CD Duplication....

Piracy is one of the disastrous problem the country is facing today. There are lots of moves and activities to fight against piracy but sadly they are still too far to the eradication of the said problem. There had been few arguments of the copyright issue on cd duplication because of the so many interpretations of the standards and the rule of law. Various sectors commented that there should have been licenses or an authority to use over cd replication just in case it came into a point that a certain cd will have its mass production. I actually agree at some point to this premise because production of such without authorised consent of the owner is an intellectual property violation.

In no case, cd replication at its basic form is something that can be done by anyone. I mean, you dont have to write a letter for consent to the owner of the cd if you just want to do some duplicate copy of such. In other words. the violation just starts when a person has the agenda or committed an agenda of pirating the cd. Thus, its very important that each one of us should know the law and at least have an idea of the rule of law. As they say, ignorance of the law excuses no one.

The Pedicure Test

You Are Cheerful

You have a lot of natural appeal. You are attention-getting and quite attractive.

Playful and hyper, you enjoy being around other people... as long as everyone's having fun.

Once you say you'll do something, you're totally committed. You don't back out.

You have been known to be a bit of a daredevil. You think taking risks is exciting.

The Best Amsterdam Restaurants

What do you look into when you're on travel? Do you mostly search for scenic places or museums? Well, in my case i love to hang out on malls and shop to death. I love to take a glimpse at their fashion trends, check out their styles and of course visit some fancy restaurants. Its a fact that one of the main agenda of most tourists is to taste the delicacy of the place. Speaking of travel, my mom and my sister is currently in Cebu now for some health issues and travel respectively. Just this afternoon, the brother phoned us that they are on their way to the oldest church in town for a visit. I immediately felt envy coz i really wanted to go but i decided not to because of my work schedule. Im gald they have visited the place, roam around and enjoy the place so much.

Anyway, if you happened to visit Amsterdam then im sure you have taste their palatable servings, right? Which of those fantastic amsterdam restaurants have you visited? Which one is your favorite? Well, aside from those restaurants there are still a lot of things to look forward to in your Amsterdam travel. You can check out art in Amsterdam and feed your eyes with those amazing art pieces. Truly, art Amsterdam is one of the core reason why a lot of tourists flocked into the place.

Scouting Over Vitamin Suppliments

Since i was a little bit young, my mother told me that i am her child that is prone to sickness. My constant friend is my doctor and the longest hospital days i had was about a month. Indeed, i can say that my immune system is not that strong so i need to have a daily dose of my vitamins. A vitamin supplements will help the body fights againts infection and other viruses. Its important that we have a strong immune system so that we will not have flue or cough easily.

AS of today, the main health issue i am currently dealing is my allergic rhinitis and everytime it hits my body, it really gave me a sleepless nights. What ive observed is that, i need not to be exposed to dust, too much cold or strong scents because it will surely ignite to an attack. I often wish i could do anything i want but i simply cant especially doing some household chores. Whenever i am in the mood to clean my room, i am often frustrated to do some wiping because im sure my allergy will starts upon wiping those dusty books and shoes on my cabinet. I guess i badly need natural vitamins to protect me from the allergies i have now. BUt im glad too that this is just a minor health issue unlike my sister who sometimes complain about a joint pain. I knew its kinda weird but our family doctor told her that its just a side effect of over fatigue. At least it eases our worries.

Just THink So..

Every night before i dose off, it became a routine to have some private moments for myself. I normally say my evening prayer, thanksgiving and most of the time think a lot. I usually think of the things i am so much grateful to my God especially for all the countless blessings HE has showered me. Im forever indebted to HIM for everything that he has done for me. For his miracles, for his love and fo his unending kindness. I remember before, i was so confused in my life and ive nowhere to go. The crossroads gave me some thoughts to cry about but also it gave me a strong will to continue to fight my battle. I am so much glad that HE has been so good to me. In fact, i felt im HE didnt leaved me at any point in my life. Now, that i have a great relationship, a nice job, a fantastic friends and a blessed life. Ive no wish except for HIS continous guidance on me.

THus, i realized that GOD will always interfere whenever youre in the midst of confusion. Sometimes, he gave us trials because he loves us. He wants you to be back on his arms. You are in that situation because he thinks of you, he wants you to know that HE is there. I realized i am strong person because instead of being down on the tests HE gave to me, it transforms me to love him more and thank him instead. It came into a point where i got tired of wishing and suddenly when i was at the edhe of giving up there i was greeted with the thing i am dreaming. It all just came inexpectedly. I just pray for a man who can love me unconditionally and in no time HE just gave it then the rest follows. I really wish i am more than deserving for all the blessings that he bestowed on me and always its my prayer to be an instrument of HIS love.