Thursday, December 29, 2011

Pretty Occupied

As you can see guys, i am bombarded with few tasks and finishing them all seems to be impossible. I have forfeited few tasks already while the rest remain to be idle still.Most of them requires 300 words review and starting a topic seems too hard this time. Most of them are assigned to me few days from now and just prioritizing whichever is close to its expiration. As this typing, we're just done with the dinner. I asked my mom to cook a sweet and sour fish. I missed eating this dish and my craving was finally satisfied because i made sure it was cooked the way i like. I bought a can of pineapple chunks to make it more tasty and i kinda liked the way it was served.Theres no place like home, indeed.

Some Fundraising Ideas for Kids

The tragic disaster that heppened in CDO alarmed millions of peole worldwide. I heard over the radio that private individuals sent their donations while other companies have already pledge on some help. The good thing about this world is that humanitarian aid is ready to help. I can name some wordwide organizations who are really instrumental for fast recovery of some of our friends. To name some, thers this Red Cross, Kiva, Word Visions and many more. Locally speaking, there are also few Non- Government Organizations whose goals centered on poeverty reduction, environmental protection and some are chil care. I salute the people behind these charitable org because in one way or the other they really helped those folks who are in bad need.

Nonetheless, we dont need to join them for us to be able to reach out. There are plenty of ways to help people who are in need. For instance, you could send your used clothes, toys, books and maybe donate few bucks if you have an extra. Such things are just few to mention ways to help. For matters or projects that you want to build, theres no room to be hopeless because of this fast medium to seek help there is ultimate way to be heard. For instance, if your school needs few tools or any projects you opt to begin then have some school fundraising ideas. Im sure it would be a good idea to have the project materialize. There are so many ways and in fact i can name some fundraising ideas for kids. Speaking of fundraising, the nephew is presently a candidate for a fundraising activity conducted at their school.Im gald they started for one for at least their dream school project will come into reality soon. For some more fundraising ideas for kids, check out the net.

On Wireless Doorbell

What a pleasant surprise today. A good friend way back in college just arrived and he told me he arrived while their house was flooded. I told him that maybe its signals to have their house renovated. He just smiled. Well, this friend works in a call center and he belongs to the third sex. Its innate to him to be very sweet and charming. We used to bond a lot when we were still studying. When we had our on the job training, he was paired with a friend too but most of the time, i will join their group especially if we need to spend some night encoding and finishing our thesis. I missed those times, really but now that we are finally on our own feet. I can say that we were successful in making our life better.

I knew im invading his privacy but to just share some inspiring thoughts, this former classmate is self supporting. He used his free time to augment his living and to support his studies. Today, i knew he is so fulfilled for having reap the fruit of all his sacrifices. I knew few people who have really reached their dreams and aspirations and im sincerely happy for them. Anyway, i remember this friend of mine because he is asking me about the price range of wireless doorbell. They encountered a theft incident recently and he told me that a driveway alarm will ne needed very soon. I think ive seen a wireless driveway alarm at a hardware store but i havent seen how much it cost. I hope i could help him in his search coz he will go back to his work the soonest. Hence, we will be meeting up in few days to catch up each other lives. I just cant imagine how fun that day is knowing these people.

Get an Event Log Management Tool

Are you fond of going into concerts? Perhaps your friends do. I can count on my fingers on the times ive watched a concert. I was born on those times where concert halls were still out of pictures so my younger years were mostly on friends bonding and outing. Speaking of concert, i couldnt help but remember those silly time where we watched a fiesta concert at the nearby City. We were so excited going there coz its our first time to watch such event and having the chance to personaly see a celebrity is a big deal to us. No kidding, until now(lol).So right after the jeep park, we hurriedly look for the perfect place for us. Since, its a fiesta celebration so expect it to be as crowded as expected. We just stayed at the back because its hard to go to be at the front row. Well, theres this chance of going in so we immediately grab that chance without us knowing how bad it was. We just realised we were on trap when we find ourselves crying for help because we were trapped by these evil man who were trying to take advantage of us. Gladly, the event organiser saw what was happening on our side and rescue us. Its the worst thing that ever happened to us. If only they have event log reporting or maybe an event log management. Then i dont think the event will turned out to be that disorganised. I heard the performers of the show that night didnt pursue performing because of the chaos that was already happening at that time. Indeed, if you are planning to host or organise a concert soon then get this vital tools like windows security log reporting and active directory monitoring to help you with all your stuff and have you personally check to details. Its very important for any event.

Hooker Furniture: A Classy Piece

A home wouldnt be complete without some classy and stunning furniture.Although, other decors and a painting of your house would matter to them but when you have a fantastic piece of furniture at the heart of your living room then what would i say but your visitors would surely have with them the impression of a great living. This fact explains why most of us scouts for a unique find, dont we? I mean as much as possible we dont like our chairs to be the same as the neighbors chairs and our table relatively similar with them. For some reasons, it doesnt looks good having a complete immitation of what other have. A unique an fantastic find will surely warms your heart.

So where do you shop for your furniture? What are some things do you look for in shopping? Is it the quality or the material? The budget or is it the brand? I knew for sure that each one of us has certain stuff to look for when buying for our piece. Some may look for a color and style that would fit with the theme of the house. Other would always consider the price regardless of the quality while some would consider everything we mentioned. Modesty aside,there are things in life that are worth of every penny. Thats why some of us invests on things no matter how expensive it is because every inch of quality of that merchandise is all wirth of every penny you barter. So folks whether you're looking for Hooker furniture,Lexington furniture or Lea furniture. Trust the leader in furniture making.Have your next furniture produced by The online portal is a home of quality piece at reasonable prices. They have fantastic and proven customer satisfaction so you dont worry in case you need to get back on them.

Custom Built Trailers

These days where multitasking is of trend. Theres nothing more rewarding than to have your own investment even at the stake of starting it in an experimental way. I mean there's no successful endeavor that doesnt have the share for low downs. Most encounter turbulent times before they hit the capstone of their success.What i noticed now is that, owning a franchise seems to be so trendy. If you happen to notice while walking at the aisle of the mall. You can see few stalls or boots, right? Some are selling potato fries, other indulge in donuts, drinks, hotdogs and other saleable food sticks that catches the public attention. These kind of business is indeed on the go because many of us realised that its booming. It is indeed, as its evident how they popped up like mushroom recently.

On the upside, stall business made you stick just to one location. Whether the mall will be loaded or not, you dont have choice at all but to stick with your designated place of selling. How about considering on Custom Concessions? This is the unique way to match up the stall type of selling. Instead of renting a stall this type operate on vending cart. You used a state of the art mobile concession stand and you can visit any place of crowd destination exactly as where you want it to park. Isnt it fantastic? Well, if you want to grab youw own concession stand on the road, then inquire at are the leader and most reputable manufacturer on custom concessions. So what are you waiting for, request a quote now. 

Cleaning Session

The thing is, i dont have a choice at all but to clean my room personally. Yesterday, i asked someone to help me cleaned the aftermath of the floods. We end up picking up few cans, plastics, paper stuff and other garbages. After they sweept the mud, i asked them to clean the walls and window. I couldnt explain how my muscles were tired after the clean up. Now, the second day, i did other minor stuff like changing my bed sheet, pillows, fixing my cabinet and cleaning up my shoe rack. I was in the midst of a serious clean up mojo when i had the chance to check my laundry basket, worst i was surprised that my dirty clothes were all wet. Good thing i check it or i end up having a smelly clothes after the new year. I ask someone to immediately have my laundry. Glad, i noticed it. After the flood, at least half of the house was tunrned back to normal. On a little side of it, were still grateful its not as worst as what happened to CDO, right guys? With all these things that happened, i have few things to be grateful, one i have a family that sticks with each other and second to have had a great partner. He will really be there for me all the time. During the flood, he called up more than ten times, to check every detail of it. He is the best man i ever had.

Anyway, another sharing from me:


If you do not, then you will forever be looking to others to prove your own merit to you, and you will never be satisfied. You will always be asking others what to do and at the same time resenting their help. Trust in yourself starts with being ok with the consequences of your decisions.