Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Wonderful Tuesday

I woke up with a smile today and i would love to influence the world. I am set to hear mass later then buy something for tonight's event. I have also a new client for my articles which made me smile bigtime. He offered me a great pay so i have so much things to be thankful. On the other end, my good friend Mam Erms has just opened up a new blog so i have to do some editing and installed her lay-out. Im so excited for her. Last week, i bond with her at her office and it just brings back the old times. I love to be with her coz she is the only person i knew who has a great heart. Im thankful of the fact that she is now here and she resides here. Maybe, the idea that i can reached to her anytimes brings a grin to my face. I can vividly remember how i love to stay at her office when i was still on my previous company. She also became the bridge of a once love story that didnt blossom, wink* but more importantly im grateful that despite the age and the distance we manage to keep the friendship.