Thursday, September 16, 2010

July 17 and the Man Behind It

Wondering whats with the date? its the day the man most memorable to me was born, its the day the world welcomes him and up to this day, its still my favorite date.It may sounds odd but really in our life there are dates and especial occasions we treasured the most. I guess ive told him already that whatever may happen i will always treasure him and on my especial day i really really missed him. I guess if i had one wish today that will just be made true, it would be to be with him and be with be with his arms once more.I may have said it a lot of times but really he is the only man i have loved with, sincerely. I wish really he is just fine and happy. They say it takes just a minute to know someone, an hour maybe to get to know him better but it takes a lifetime to forget him. To the man behind, i love you so much.


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Hello catycat,

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Its My BIrthday

Yes guys, its my 25th birthday today and i am very happy because of lots of things that God provided me, grateful for all the blessings and for the guidance that he is always giving me through out my 25 years of existence. I also thank my family for being there for me always - in good times and bad times and for always being my support system no matter what. I am just really grateful that this life of mine is centered with my faith to God and always almost i am always provided with good spirits to guide me to the right road.