Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Work Boots

My father works as a supervisor in one of the popular car shop in town, he does all the car repair and other services, while he do most of the untiring task of getting all the car servicing, his protection is quite at risk. There was a time when when he went home with no shoes, because his shoes was damaged because of the oil they were using at the shop. I really feel pity seeing my dad, nonetheless im crossing my finger that we could find affordable yet we are assured of reliability and durability of the said foot stuff.
Well, i guess i have a good news for my dad and all the working dads out there who need extra foot protection, I came accross this site http://www.workbootsusa.com/, it offers variety of boots specifically working boots. If you need the highest quality foot protection, then youre at the right track.

Go Acobaying now

I remember during my college days, my classmates really go crazy over friendster stuff, it was the talk of the town before, why? perhaps because its the only site before that allows people to interact with their peers and at the same a great avenue to be updated in each other lives, however as years gone by and the more people became internet savvy, more and more unique social network site were born, and among to mention now is Acobay, how does it differs from the rest? well to tell you honestly, this site is somehow unique, people get connected with each other by the cars they drive, places they visited, movies they love, games they play and other stuff. Well the concept of the site is really so fantastic, it is very original and theyre really very innovative.
So why dont you join us, and see how the hottest site reborn the social network. I already join http://www.acobay.com, hope you're next!