Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Amazing China Tours

I've mentioned earlier that my mom and my sister is currently on vacation. They joined my brother who is presently living in the nearest place to have some break. I knew my mom need a superb travel experience and if money is no object i really want to give her a great tour. I want to make her experience something that a daughter want to let her precious mother experience. I love to bring her to an out of town adventure or maybe in a serene place where she would not worry and be bothered. I knew guys, you will agree with me that as son or daughter we always want the best for our parents. If possible, we want to give them luxuries and things they havent experience yet.

In my case, i want to bring my mom to an out of country tour. Sounds like im dreaming too much, but who knows?(wink!). I want to travel with her in an asia tours and taste the famous asian cuisine. If i won the lottery, i will avail of national parks tours and china tours. Well, there had been a lot of things said about China and i want to discover it personally. I am dying to see the famous Great Wall of China. Wow, it seems that i love to pamper my loved ones, i certainly would like to. Hopefully, this coming few months when my love arrives. I can surely bring them up in a travel spree.

Having Fun

Although, we always encounter tight budget everyday. Still, we are so much lucky that we can enjoy few trips and family bonding. Hers a quick glimpse of some family outings. I missed the sister, my mom and my brother who is currently at the nearest city for some important matters.

A Day Full of Mess

Hayst, at last it all went fine. Wondering what im talking about? Well, unfortunately guys we encounter problem with the money my partner sent. Every week, he would sent me certain amount to cover up my expenses and today i havent received the control number although he had sent it already. He didnt knew that i didnt received yet his text because he would normally assumed that i received it since its already a routine that if i didnt text it means that i have already gotten the money. But today, it didnt worked for us. For some reasons, i didnt get his text and i was already waiting for about few hours. I dont know what made the hubby call but just late this afternoon he called up if i received the money and i told him i didnt received any text. He got mad because he knew i dont have enough money already. The lesson from now on is to reply back everytime we exchange sms. right guys? Well, its still a great day.

Anyway, im just thankful that i have such a wonderful man. I love you honey.