Sunday, November 1, 2009


It a fine All Saint's Day for me and for my family. We attended the 10 am mass at the Catholic Cemetery and together we visited the graveyard of our loved ones and that includes my grandmom and my youngest brother. Yes, our brother who was still 1 month old died but that was like 15 years ago if im not mistaken. He was still very innocent and yes he still an angel when he passed away. I remember, a few months ago after he passed away, we always heared a noice of a baby crying in our house. One night when my parents was really so asleep. i was awaken by a noise of a baby crying, i am really sure it was just a few meters away from our bed, i feel he was on our doorstep. I couldnt sleep that entire night coz my heart was beating so fast not because im afraid but because i feel my brother was there, missing us. It was so horrible that until now, that experience of mine has been with me though how many years already has passed. Until now i miss the baby brother we once had, coz im sure if he still alive, he will be the baby our family has longing until this very day.