Sunday, July 31, 2011

Another Pink Site

How do you find my new layout? This is the new ambiance of my other site. Its previous ambiance was blue. I decided to change it to this because i want lively colors and of course pink is my ultimate favorite. I am planning to get a hosting plan for this new site so im taking few steps to make necessary editings and updates for this site. Its been quite a while since my last update there but since i realized i need a self hosted personal page so im taking this as a close option. Hope you pay visit guys to my other site. How about link exchange? Thanks in advance.

Love Footprints

There was a point in my life where i got tired. I got tired of loving, of breaking and of crying. THose were the time i felt that sleeping was better than waking up with scattered minds. All those times are when i was loving so hard to the wrong guy that moving on from that relationship was so impossible for me. But i did, after the sad realization. From that time, it made me unsure of loving again and investing again emotionally because im afraid to commit the same mistake again.

Unexpectedly, Don came at the very day i didnt expect a visitor. He came where i was in the midst of struggling the little pieces that were broken. He came at those times where i was left out by everybody. He came at the lowest point in my life where i needed a little strength. And the rest as they say is history.

Needless to say, im at the happy state of my life. For a very long time that we've been a couple i didnt felt i was the woman that i am not. We argue but we compromise. We are pissed at each other sometimes but we are always open for communication. But the very core thing that made him occupy my heart is that - he stands for me especially during bad days. He is always there when i needed a shoulder, he is there to solve my financial issues, my emotional roller coaster, and even to things i cant spoke to anyone, he would just listen and let me talk.

We may differ with issues on our respective partner. Your hubby might be so sweet and my Don talk rarely but he has something that i cant trade him to anyone. Love is not everything and will not take you to forever. I realized Don is very appreciative in everything that i do even the little things i didnt noticed -but he does. Truly, every person creates a unique footprints but what made Don's footprints remarkably especial is that he always made sure to leave an obvious mark in my life.

Friday, July 29, 2011

Widens Your Circle of Friends

A great author once said "No Man is an Island". True indeed because each one of us needs friends and its our very nature to mingle. Needless to say, its our basic needs to have a companion regardless if its romantically inclined or not. It explains why most people who lives alone are associated with psychological problems because of their limited exposure to socialization. Speaking of the latter, man is inborn with socialization skills thats why even just the mere thought of smiling expresses a certain thought to someone else. Dont you observed that even if you're a novice to a place and when you just act as kind or friendly as possible then people would just approach you and some may even befriend you. Socialization is indeed necessary to man not only to gain friends nor to widen his circle of friends but more of that - to bring joy and compliment the heart, agree?

Socialization may be broad in term but if we will just take it a lighter sense both literrally and figuratively, its easy. With the advent of new technology where social media sites are just a click of our finger then your circle of friends will truly be increasing each day. But for people who wanted to be at an exclusive site where it homes down marriage minded people then the net has so many sites stored for you. Being in a chatroulette will indeed boosts your potential of finding the right partner and avoid the thousands Mr. Maybe that came your way. The good news some of this dating sites has features like omegle chat that lets you chat instantly to someone even without registering. The possibility of being married sooner than when you expected is higher in this dating sites than when you just register yourself at social media websites. At finding for the one person who will complete you is easy.

Looking for the right partner is indeed as tough or should i say more tough than applying for a job. Coz theres always flexibility and adjustments at the workforce but with love, its about total acceptance. Well, its the true essence of true love, dont you think?

Samsung Galaxy Ace

Ive mentioned it in my previous post that i am scouting for a new toy next month. My old phone is a touch screen toy but then as years passed i am having problem with its screen. There are times where it took a long time before you can open a certain icon. Well, its understandable there is a depreciation issue in every gadger. Nonetheless, if money is no object i am eyeing for Samsung Galaxy Ace. Its the recent talk of the town but i also heard about Root Samsung Galaxy Ace .

They say that rooting your device gives a splendid capture. Hopefully i would have idea as to how this application works.

On Flash Game Site...

I have a nephew who is hooked on online games. Everytime he visited the house he wanted to be play games immedietly since we have installed so many games at our desktop. I am amazed seeing him spending long hourse at the computer because i felt that he really enjoyed playing those online games. In one of his visit, he was bugging me to look for a flash game site. Since i dont have idea what he is talking about, i tried to scout first at the net the best site for that niche, good thin ive found one. I'm talking about a great flash game site called Igrice. The site has a plethora of entertaining games youngsters will surely love about. At least now i can recommend one.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Tips for Great Morning Hair

Sadly, we always rant as to why our hair is mattling up at night. IN fact, we can see how eash strand stucked with each other or sometimes we can see a messy hair get up. Of course, its understandable because we are less conscious and being a restless sleeper, we care less on our hair because we do care how we can be rested after a tiring day. If you are one of those women who needs tips and techniques as to how to get a great morning hair then i urge you to check this tips for great hair morning article. It has an informative and relevant inputs about proper caring on our hair grooming. Other than that, you could also get techniques how to choose the right hair product and whats the right sleep position for hair protection. As a hint, you could find braiding tips and unbraiding tips upon checking out the aforementioned articles.

Vanity is indeed innate to women. Just imagine the generous amount they pay for beauty products. From creams, whitening enhancing products up to he hair and toes grooming products. Of course, its normal for a woman to buy such products because we all want to look good or shall i say, every woman dreams to be a headturner, right? Im thinking lately that maybe an online business for beauty products maybe a good investment. Since everybody enjoys the net portal then why not takes advantage of it, right? Im figuring out that it will require less capital knowing that you dont need to look for a space or a mall stall perhaps. As for its time requirements, you just need to be online everyday. Quite pretty interesting, right?

Who knows an Online Business maybe your avenue for success. Interested? Check out the latest article input about Developing an Inventory Model for Online Businesses. This is important to people planning for online business. It will aid you with essential inputs for proper management of your inventory.

Need a Document Assembly Software?

We all want an organized office, systemized file and properly ordering of pertinent papers. In other words, we hate chatoic and messy office same as we hate our files to be nowhere to be found. Gladly, if you are working in a huge company where it requires your files and document to be properly assembled then your prayer has just been answered because SmoothDocs Document Assembly is available for grabbing at selected online stores. Just a brief info about this propgram, SmoothDocs is a document assembly program aimed at small business. This software is vital in organizing templates and combining data sources to compile an assemble new document. Well, i believe this is perfect especially for sales campaign, what do you think?

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Enticing Italy Tours Package

Where is your dream vacation destination? Im sure you are dying to be at Italy, China or Paris perhaps? Truly, everyone deserves a good break. It means that we all deserve to enjoy the serenity of great beaches, amazing tourist destinations and any escapade to explore the world.

Indeed there are people who cant't get off their feet to visit superb tourist spots. Who wouldn't, right? Everyone want to be there and explore every inch of the place. For people who fear of being alone of being left out then an escorted tour ir perfect. Yes you hear it right, there are escorted tour that is available at collete vacations.Apart from that, the site offers the most comprehensive guide for tourists. You can select from a plethora of tours like national parks tours, china tours or italy tours. All these and more are available in easy booking and at an affordable package.

Well, its time to pack up things and scout for your next vacation destination. Enjoy browsing their catalogs at the comfort of your home. Then book your trips as early as today to avai of discounts. Im sure you cant wait for your next ride, right? This time i assure you its fantastic and enjoyable because you partnered with the trusted tour service. Enjoy.

Life at its Fullest

They say life is a journey and not a destination. To these its just right to enjoy every ride, drive it with fun and faith no matter how rough the way is. Also, life has so many surprises. Its up to us to grab every opportunity that comes our way. But ultimately our main purpose in this journey is to make the most out of it. For instance, its just right to travel, to have fun and to celebrate. Need tips for travelling? Dont worry, i have so many stored here. Go, head on to the site on how you can get extreme adventure on travelling.

Tips For All

Sometimes i get so clumsy that i just do things without thinking or without weighing things. For instance, there are times that i am enticed to buy two bags simultaneoulsy even though i still have few bags in the cabinet that i havent used. They say we should be wise in managing our finances or better be clever to everything be it about finances or life problems. Well getting the most of life is not an easy task but we can get tips and techniques as to how we can grab them in time. Enjoy life.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Why Is it Pouring?

I am simply overwhelmed by the pouring of tasks today. I got two from an izea site, one from loudlaunch and 5 from sponsored reviews. Isn't it amazing? I am indeed so lucky. Thanks God for all the blessings. Just in time because we don't have work tomorrow, and i need to finish it by this weekend because i knew i still have product reviews to finish everyday. I actually don't expect tasks from sheriff but maybe luck works this time.

Anyway, just done with my lunch and the weather seems so gloomy, wondering why? As with my hubby, he called up before i headed to work. He knew that i am sick so he is in touch as constant as possible. We actually just went through a little misunderstanding but you knew how good my partner is, he is loaded with a never ending patience towards me. I knew i am sometimes moody and childish but then he just tolerate most of these because he knew that its innate in women, is it? hehehehe. I don't know why I'm super sensitive with him, like last Saturday i was so sick, maybe he was so busy that he forgot to return call when i asked him to call. Then i sent him an sms saying that maybe he forgotten me already and in just a minute he was rushing to call me even if he was in the midst of driving. But then we are fine already and he is in fact teasing me that maybe i am just addicted to him that's why i have those attitude sometimes. I guess he is right, i am addicted to his love. I heart you honey.

Good Morning Monday..

Been so long guys, right? Sorry friends ive been so sick last weekend so i opt just to take some good rest. I was really lying in bed most of the time because of the bad flu. On the other end, im thankful that i was given a bunch of task from an advertiser not to mention my product reviews. Well, God is really so good to me all the time. As to my health, i am feeling better. Have a great day guys.

Friday, July 22, 2011

On iphone5

I am thinking of getting a new toy next month. But i am still on checking out as to whats the best toy to grab. Anyway, my friend just got her own iphone and it was really so adorable. I love to have one someday but then its not included in my lists of my priority as of this month. But if my hubby would give me a gift on my coming birthday then for sure i would love to have an iphone 5. Its very lovely and its catchy to the eyes because of its sophisticated and stylish designs. But of course, i have to look for a brand that is trusted by many. I don't want to compromise my investment. How about you guys, whats your latest toy must have?

Am Sick

I'm actually not feeling well today, maybe i am over fatigue and i badly needs some rest. Been complaining since yesterday that my head is aching and my hubby advised me not to go to work but i need to so now i am trying to bear the pain. Too bad, i have a mild fever and a running nose. On my way to work, my hubby called up if I'm feeling better, i just assured him that i am good so that he will not worry anymore. I remember last night, i told my hubby about a neighborhood and told her about some stories. He was attentively listening to me but all of a sudden he reacted and told be patient. I've been ranting about certain things lately and i am always open to him in everything that id like to share but really i admire him for being so good. He would always advice me not to dwell with people who will not bring good to me. But always, he will tell me that he will fight for me and he will be with me in every battle. Isn't he too sweet?

Indeed, he is just one in a million and im thankful that i have found a man who stays with me in good times and stick with during bad days. How lucky i am indeed.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Bountiful Day

I have so many resons to celebrate with fireworks this day. Well, i was given a bunch of tasks to work on, i won the 7th place for the best product reviews in a certain site and lastly, we had a great talk over the phone with my hubby. He was wondering why i wasnt able to answer his call last night, poor hubby he was waiting for me to answer when i was sound asleep because i was so tired. Good thing he just called up this morning. My sister is indeed right, i am deeply in love with him. May i just share some brief conversation with my sister yesterday, she was asking me if i am ready to settle down and i i truly love my man. Without a pause, i said yes and she believes in what i say. I asked her if she honestly believe in my reply and she said "yes", when i asked why, she replied " because the glow in your eyes shows"..Its indeed true.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

What a Day!

The moment i stepped my feet at our house i immedietly felt the pain of my legs and i really felt so tired. We roamed around the city the entire day, just imagine that. I promised my brother to buy him a rubber shoes which he will use for his basketball games and it really ate our time looking for a nice pair. Gladly, we found one and the price breaks banks but it doesnt matter, the glow in his eyes when i pay for the item was enough. I also managed to visit a salon today for my hair treatment so it was really so tiring because it took me almost five hours. NOnetheless, everything was worth it. I am indeed so grateful to my Provider for making things possible and to my hubby for being a great partner.

Guess what guys? he will be comin over this year and as to what month, let me keep you guessing first. We actually talked last night about his month long vacation this year and he disclose the date while early next year he will be settling for good here. I really never thought things will be as fast as this, i mean i always thought that it will took us few years before he can settle the papers and his property but then this is it. Its really no turning back. God has really great plans for each one of us. We will just realized it after we see things at the right order and you felt things run smoothly at the perfect time. Prayer really says a lot in every endeavor that we does. Also, its important that you remain down to earth because things go quickly to people who let their heads get bigger than their hats. Also, whatever your economical status in life its best to look back to where you came from and treat people rightly coz the moment you slide down you will see them clapping while you are the ground. Im saying that good things mostly happened to people who have good heart, am i saying things right? hopefully..

Anyway, have a great evening. I still need to finish few task more and ill be in bed soon but of course after i talk to my beloved honey. He visited his son today so he will arrived late. Sweetdreams...

Get The Best Photo Canvas

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Tuesday, July 19, 2011


Yay, i felt that my brain is so drained. I just finished eight articles for checking and its quite a daunting task really. But im not complaining, in fact i felt so blessed to have been given such blessing everyday. I mean i knew how most bloggers struggle for a task from different paying sites but here i am, i am complaining because i am faced with wrting tasks everyday. I felt i have no right to do so, Thanks to my beloved client for really trusting on me and giving her utmost understanding whenever i failed to agree on deadlines. Last month, i made a few hundred bucks from her and it was really so flattering because this month she gave me more product reviews. Always, ia m trying my best for a professionally made output thats why no matter how tired i am from work i dont always compromise my work. I always set aside time for research and check on my grammar and never missed to check on my grammar tools everytime i click the submit button. I am happy with the fact that i dont need pageranks to earn regularly and i dont need backlicks either to earn online. Thank God for giving me such means to easily earn online and of course realizing some projects. I feel so blessed so i promise not to be bad..hehehhe

Lucky Day

I was given so many tasks to work on today. Yepeey..I just finished few reviews last night and today another batch again...Sorry guys, cant help but brag because God is so good to me.I still have two weeks more to go and hopefully i can save still more...what a great day indeed...

Time for me to take our lunch...

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Sunday Bliss

This page is like an online diary to me so i wont let the day pass without sharing some updates. Its really great when you do have your own page in the net because you get your daily experiences filed. Like for instance, when i want to lookback to previous days, i will just take some browse for the day i want to read. Anyway, it had been a great day for me. I cant believe i sleep all day because i noticed a dark circle around my eyes. I knew ive been pretty stressed lately. Much more this week because i have so many things to finish and run errands. But i have scheduled myself for a salon visit so i knew it will be a great week. In the other end, my other siblings is bugging me already when im going to treat them. I actually set aside few bucks for them and they are really asking for quite pricey stuff. But it is fine with me, the important thing is that they will be happy. The online tasks has been good to me as always, i am starting to save for another project so i cant ask no more really. I noticed that my PR has been back so early, does that mean that i am indeed lucky?

Well, whatever it is, im always grateful to the PROVIDER. Thank you God for everything that HE does to me. Absoutely HIS plan is greater than our wishes.

Get Amuzed At This....

While looking for possible entertainment post, i was amuzed at this meme so i wanted to try it. I got this from Sunday Stealing and its really so fun.

Complete the Sentences:

Right now I'm feeling... great because i had a great sleep

When I'm alone I peace because its the time that i can do everything i want.

When I'm surrounded by people I feel...happy because i want to talk a lot.

One thing I hate is...being in a place where you are tasked to wait for someone..(am not patient for long hours waiting)

One thing I really like about myself is flexible. You can find me enjoying people from all walks of life.

When I'm feeling sad I...listen to sweet mellow music.

When I daydream it's usually about...the day we'll be together with my hubby..(sweet..hahahha)

I'm afraid of...injections..(hahahha)

I'm happiest shopping (yay)

One thing that really worries me is mom's health

If I could change one thing about myself it would big heart for people in need ( i wanted to change it because sometimes i am abused)

If I could be with anyone right now I would be man.

The family member I am closest to younger sister.

If I was really honest with my father I would tell him...that i did not buy the book he asked me to buy during my college years and i spent it for my cellphone repair..(shhhh)

One thing I regret about my life is ...spending three long years with someone who doesnt respect me at all yet i accepted all those lies, cheats and his womanizing days.

If I only had one more day to live I would...go to Paris

If I was really honest with my mother i would tell her...that i love her so much and i wll do everything for her.

One thing about me that nobody knows also naughty :)

I hope that someday in the future...i will have my own family

When I think about my family I feel...happy and contented.

Something I'm really embarrassed about is...when i think of my younger years.

One thing about me I never want to change is...being a people person.

One thing I feel really proud of is...ive been a good daughter all along.

Blogsville has helped me to... be social.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Missing You Terribly

It has been my routine to send an sms to my man after i woke up and before i go to sleep. My honey decided to subscribe to an international plan wherein i was included in the package so i could text him anytime i want to and he can call me anytime of the day at an unlimited span. We sometimes felt weird because we used to spent so many time talking to each other when we just exchange sms from time to time. These days, ive been so busy because of our product orientation and of course because of the so many things that i need to do at home. I sometimes forge to send him a morning greetings because i woke up late most of the time that i end up cramming early in the morning. I realized that i forgot to send him a message yesterday because i was pretty busy shopping. Last night, he called me up multiple times but too bad i left my phone in my room. I was pretty guilty when he texted me and told me that he is worried, he said he just want me to tell him that im safe and he will not bother anymore. I am really touched because i knew i sometimes neglect my man but honestly there was no single moment where i left him out of my mind. I am proud to say that i am loyal and faithful to him and to my committment for the relationship. He is at work now and might text him before he went out of work. We will be celebrating our birthday in few months to go and i am working for a surpise gift for him. I hope he would really like it because its one of the reasons why i am quite busy these days.

I really cant wait anymore for the day that we will spend time together. He is planning to get a month vacation and hopefully his schedule will pemit our plans. I have so many things on list that i wanted to do while im with him. BUt of course, part of it is an escapade somewhere near our place if my partner would agree with it coz he just wanted to roam in the city and hates long travel. Honestly, i had a misconception before that foreigner were a bit strict because of the different culture orientation. Ive thought they were so meticulous and maybe demanding but i was wrong because he is absolutely sweet though tackless most of the time. I was pretty sensitive at the beginning but i can already adjust to his personality. But, he is quite a jealous type,(sssshhhhhh). But its really not a big deal.

Hmm, time for to take a shower. Have a great weekend guys.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Successfully Catch Fishes

Its indeed a lucky day for me. I was able to catch huge fish now and it just appeard in my dashboard. Thank God, He is so goooooooooooooood to me. Well, today is friday. Whats you weekend plan tomorrow? I still dont have yet because ive been tired of roaming around lately. I just wanna sleep and maybe finish my pending reviews. I am trying to balance my time so that i would not take forgranted my pending tasks. Ill post soon my June earnings here. Hope you'll take a sneak peek.


My title seems to be controversial as it is because it implies something eles. It can be a physical illness or might be a scar that was once a bleeding and painful soar of emotional pain. I actually never thought that moving on was quite easy until i realized few stuff lately. Maybe its also true that love heals all wounds and probably you are also right when you believe that time does. Whatever it is, moving forward is a struggle and painful journey of a wounded heart. At first, you'll feel crazy knowing that you can stand alone by your own feet because you are used with the world wrapped by his comforting hands, when he leaves you with no words at all, there you realize that your feet is as strong as your heart.

Honestly, im in deep thoughts lately. Ive been thinking all that happened and all the love that i gave to a former lover. I mean knowing how things went well that time, i was quite sure that we will end up as couples but destiny has its own road and fate is indeed stronger than our wishes and dreams. Just as we thought that we had found the right man, there destiny unfolds its own version. Gladly, he tore my heart into pieces because if not my insanity would leave me with bags full of regrets for a lifetime. I am not saying that it was a huge mistake being on him or having a relationship on him, what i am saying is that - when you just leave it all to HIM to guide you to HIS own destination then you'll realize that he has the best drive of your life. Thus, i am not also saying that my hubby is perfect nor he is the best partner in the world. Yes there are times that i feel pissed, there are times that we feel tired but there its the fact that he always fight for me and for the relationship that made him the best man of all times. Never a moment that i heard of painful words given unto me nor there are circumstances that i felt being the other person in his eye, always he makes me feel that only woman in his life.

I realized that love is also a journey and a battle that we must fight for and win for. Hopefully, ill win the battle this time. I knew im not only fighting for our relationship but i am also trying to win over a man worth of any endeavor. I love you so much Hon.

What i Did?

Yay, It was i guess a decade since i update this blog because ive been super busy the past few days. I actually just arrived home now because i roamed around the downtown to buy for home stuff in preparation of our fiesta. We will be welcoming few visitors from my uncles place so we need to prepare the house for them. I bought two fan, foam and few pillows because we have just limited pillows at home. The good new, we managed to buy a nice coffee set which i love the design. By next week, im planning to buy already our groceries and i promised to treat my mom and my other siblings. Its quite a hole in the pocket but anyway the glow in their eyes makes me feel great whenever i buy them something. Thanks to my honey for everything that he does for me and to my online blessings for providing me far from what i expected. Time to play now.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Good Morning

Just to update this blog, i opt to use the redundant morning greetings. Of course, i wanted to share some informative articles perhaps but sorry guys, i'm in the midst of product orientation at work. So i need to be attentive as possible. I've been working lately at some reviews and i did finished it already. I'm waiting for another batch and hopefully i could finish it before the week ends. On the other end, i will be leaving again to Cebu the following week for another urgent things to deal. This time i knew its going to be stressful trip because i have so many things to attend to. My hubby called up last night and gave me so many stuff to finish within the trip. I will be meeting Misty again and her kid and hopefully i could booked my travel before that day.

Monday, July 11, 2011

I'll fall for Romantic Guy

You Fall for the Sensitive and Romantic Type

You are a bit of an idealist when it comes to love, and you want to be with a partner who appreciates romance as much as you do.

You know you've found your soulmate when you're with someone you'd die for. You believe in sacrificing everything for true love, if necessary.

A simple "I love you," kiss, or even look can sweep you off your feet. You tend to get lost in the moment.

You believe in happy endings, and you're looking for a prince or princess willing to ride off into the sunset with you.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Weekend Meme

Yes, its time for me to rest..THis is the day i love most because i can just sleep all day. I did my downtown stuff yesterday including my grocery thing. We also roamed around the mall with my sister and eat from time to time. Hehehe. I also had bought a nice shirt and shorts which i loved the cotton materials. My sister is asking me to buy something sweet thats why I am planning to make a dessert today as i wanted to cook and eat refreshing food. I still dont have in mind as to what food will bring my appetite into a different experience. Lets see. But i bought ingredient for a chicken salad because i love how my mom made this dessert last Christmas. Im craving for sweets now..Hehehe. Hey, its not what you think guys, My hubby is still abroad so its impossible. wink*

Anyway, ill be travelling again week after next week as im going to meet someone in Cebu, i am still looking at the best place to stay. I have so many thoughts that excites me actually, a lot of thoughts but let me just give it to me this time. On the other end, my hubby has not called up yet. Maybe he still at work. We were a little sweet last night so i am missing him terribly today. I am actually finishing all my reviews due for this week, so here i am trying to scout for more words. Hehehe. Im pretty lazy now finshing a 500 word article. But if im in the mood, i can even make up to 10 articles. Hayst, a little motivation, please.....

Friday, July 8, 2011

Lucky To Have You

I couldnt think of the right words to start how im feeling so lucky right now, except for an image that would express the big love i have. At some point, i was thinkin that maybe i deserve a great person because i knew that in all honesty i love sincerely. Probably, my dreams do come true because i knew i never stepped on someone else shoes to be able to have a life that is sought by many. I never boast and i never used what i have to belittle other people. I never am so proud of anything that i have instead i am happy to help even the small way that i can. I have so many things to thank about but overall i just want to be grateful for having a great life.

My Hero

They say that once in our lifes journey, we will find someone who will cherish us, protect us and value us like no one else could. I never believe such things will happen to one and even to me. But when you start wishing and believing then that made a difference. I have a so good partner that i wouldnt trade to anyone. To my honey pie, thank you for everything. For making things possible, for making my life easier, and for one thank you for making all means just to prove your love to me. Im just so lucky to have you in my life. I love you so much. As i said it last night, i will always give to you my love and loyalty.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

So Many Surprises...

Can't believe the news ive got today and it really made up my day. I dont know what i did that God gave me all my wishes.wink*. It has been a greta year for me and i never really expect surpises this year but God is so good, He really knows whats makes me happy. I love you God, Thanks you for everything and really everything. I dont want to tell first as to what's the news all about, i want to make you guess first guys. But in two weeks time, youll know.wink*

On the other end, the client request a more research based article so i will really have hard time doing those product reviews. I agree really with my bosss, positive vibes are really contagious. I was just wishing for more fishes, it already came..

Extra Special

This day is extra special for me for some reasons. We had a big fight with my hubby last night but we end up being so sweet to each other. I couldn't imagine ourselves talking in the mid of the night just for my nonsense reasoning. It made me feel so flattered that i am valued by a man miles away from me and that across those foreign land someone makes up my day. We are far better now and one thing that i realized that i am a matured woman now, i know how to deal with compromise and so far i am flexible. I also realize that i really love him that much because if not i wouldn't mind sleeping for less than two hours because things are not still well. As to my hubby, they don't have work today because its the 4th of July. He just stayed at home and maybe goes out to roam around. I remember him telling me last night that he wants me to understand his passion to help the poor children, i knew i have the best man in the world and i'm proud of the fact that he goes out in his own little way. I'm proud of the fact too that i am the woman behind the generous heart of this simple man. wink*

Monday, July 4, 2011

Fabulous Life

At this point, i cant ask no more except for God's continuous guidance. I am happy that God gave me abundant blessings far better that what i used to have. Truly, God has wonderful plans for each one of us. I have so many things to celebrate about and i need not to brag about it here.hehehe. Anyway, by next month we will be in contact with the review center of my sister and hopefully we could still have slots for her. We are planning to accompany here to Iloilo for her review and tour the city at the same. I'm excited for it.

I realized that its best to live life with simplicity and that's when you're overjoyed. When you wanted just love love love. Apologize guys but i am just thinking of my hubby so i cant't help but smile. I'll be back again to Cebu next week because of some errands again and the thought alone made me lazy but i am an ever obedient partner. By the way, he will be arriving real soon so super excited for it. Lucky me indeed.

The Start of the Week...

I'm already at work and i still have the weekend air over me. I felt lazy and i wanted to sleep still.hehehe. But of course, i need to work and comply with all my life's responsibilities. Anyway, i knew i will have a fruitful week again, Yay the thought of writing again gives me headache but when i figure out how much i'll have in my Paypal gives me an ear to ear smile. The good news, my project will be ready this month and i already contacted someone to do the work. Thanks to my online blessings and of course for everything that was given to me. Happy Monday Everyone.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Get the Expert in Cosmetics

Did you know that our face is sensitive and that it needs an extra care and should just works with product that is best for sensitive face. Its not always worth to trust it a brand you barely known because its like inviting a stranger to your house without checking its background. Always, it pays to check the label and try to figure out its ingredients and formulation. Check one by one how those ingredients works or is it good for our face and if its accredited by the beauty authority. Nonetheless, you dont need to make your life extra complicated because as they says, a brand says for itself. When you get your beauty products at The Skin Shop then you're at peace because their make up has natural ingredients that is not harmful for any skin type. Their formulations are proven to be mild and chemical free as it gives nature of the natural beauty cosmetic.

If you are one of those woman who aims for beauty that is truly eye catching then dont settle for make ups and beauty products that will gives you a face with make up visibility intead go for a look that even your guy wont notice. Guys love woman who puts less colors in their face but it doesnt mean that you dont need to put cosmetics into your face. Gone are the days where make ups are about the glowing and reddish powdery look in someones face because the modern day woman uses products that are barely there for a stunning look.

For a barely there look, get a BB cream SPF25+++, this functional cosmetics gives effect on whitening, wrinkle alleviation, and ultraviolet rays blocking. It naturally covers liver spots and fickles for beautifully moisturized face.

Anyway, Skin shop offers a plethora of options you will absoultely love. They have a vast product line that specializes into major beauty problems that one is looking for. This is a perfect choice for woman who aims for difference and also for someone who is already tired of the promises of your old beauty products. Try Skin Shop brands for a difference. For a brief overview about Skin Shop, check some relevant info below:

Company information

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The Skin Shop Cosmetics, Specialized in B.B. Cream

Above is one of the Skin Shop's most saleable product. Its called Magic Bright BB Cream SPF30 PA++. This is a multifunctional product that offers whitening, wrinkle alleviation and protect the skin against hazardous external environment. It has also rice bran and papaya extract that supplies nutrition to the skin. Want more, visit the skin shop social media sites:

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It's a Great Week

I dont have reasons to be bitter because i was poured with so many blessings this week. Apart from my online tasks that i managed to earn this week, i am also happy that my mom is getting better. In the lighter end, my page rank drops which makes me feel sad but instead of feeling bitter about it, God managed to sent me so many product reviews to make that my first day of JUly was awesome. This week i am planning to triple my income and i am decided to give the right motivation whenever i am given such task. Of course its not easy to earn money nowadays and i should feel blessed that i can easily buy what i want through virtual earnings. I am excited to shop this month for my last month earnings and i already have the list what to buy. Yay, life is pretty awesome. Thanks to my Provider for really making my life extra special and also to my hubby for tolerating all my nonsense wants.wink*

Get an Expert

Internet marketing is such a broad concept that it will literally takes a thousand page to discuss it detail by detail. BUt if we are going to sum up the main though of this kind of marketing tool then we can simplify its an avenue to promote your product or services online succesfully. When we mean of being succesful its like getting enough profit and that its somehow saying that you have established a name in the worldwideweb. Needless to say, not all business owners have competetively get a slot in the demanding market pie of products they are pushing. Somehow they failed on the aspect of internet marketing because they have no idea at all as how this tool works. If you are one of those investors who want to try an internet marketing expert then get Matt W. Rhodes. He has helped 1000s of small businesses build a super profitable online businesses. He specializes in residual income which entreprenuers can take advantage of his expertise to turn their businesses in money making avenue in less than a month.

Need of an Escort Service?

Way back before i really dont have an idea about the so called escort service until a friend told me of a story about her classmates who were employed as such.I remember too few years ago, there was a senate hearing in our place about a certain woman claiming to be dating a prominent people in the city. I realized that being part of an escort service gives you the chance to know different kind os people. Anyway, if you have plans of visiting London maybe this month or the next few months then its such a good idea to get London Escorts. They have high caliber woman who will really while away your time perfectly. I knew what you're thinking guys, but being in a vacay lets you do whatever pleases you then please yourself to the fullest.

Friday, July 1, 2011

So Many Fishes

I'm in the mood to write now. Good thing because ive been blessed with so many fishes. Cant get enough of these big fish because i knew i have projects that needs to be materialized this month. Yesterday, i just made four reviews and ive been dying to make more because i am in the mood now. Gladly, God is with me and He gave me so many works today. I need to finish it today because its my cut off payment for this month. Needless to say, i am always grateful i have the skills like this. I mean i can get huge bucks out of this skills that God has given to me. I love you God always. Yay, i have 8 reviews in queue now. Need to start.